And The PlayStation Network Is Down Again

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For the third time in a fortnight and just ahead of Sony's move to increase prices for PlayStation Plus in the United States, the PlayStation Network has gone down — again.

Update #2 (12:46 PM): PlayStation's official status page is now reporting that all services are back online in Australia and worldwide, bringing an end to yet another outage:

Image: Kotaku

Update #1 (11:13 AM): The PlayStation Store is back online for Australians, although services for accounts, gaming and social are still offline.

Earlier this morning, the official PlayStation Twitter account gave credence to complaints from users, saying that they were aware of "issues logging into PSN".

The current status page for the Australian network shows that account management, gaming and social, and the PlayStation Store services are all offline.

Users in the United States are having the same problems, with PlayStation Video and PlayStation Music the only services operating as per normal.

Unsurprisingly, irate gamers have taken to social media to express their discontent:

At the time of writing, we were unable to connect to the servers, with the service saying "the connection to the server" had been lost.

Image: Kotaku


    I already pay my Internet provider enough money. Rip off.

    I'm not at home, but I just tried the store through my Web browser and it seemed to be working ok.

      Yep, the website is fine but my PS4 is still having issues.

    Eh, people always go overboard when it goes down.

    I can count the amount of times it's been down this year on my hand. It's an inconvenience, sure, but usually not for more than a couple hours. The worst of it was I think around the PS4's launch.

      It's a bit frustrating but equally hilarious as you really do get to see the “best” side of some people!

      You're right in saying that it hasn't been down that much this year, but it certainly doesn't look good for Sony right now...

      In the wake of announcing an increase in PS+ sub prices, going down twice in consecutive weeks? Really a bad look. I've canned my sub about 4 months ago to go more into XBone gaming and give my PC a bit more of a play.

      You are aware that your personal experience is not reflected by everyone else, right? Because it doesn't seem like you've made that distinction.

        Me? Sure. Anecdote isn't fact, but let's put it this way:

        I'm a a daily and nightly Australian PS4 gamer with a job but no social life. If It goes down, I'm either experiencing it directly, or getting info about it second-hand through multiple PS4 feeds on my phone. So if it goes down, I'm usually aware of it or affected by it, so I can say, pretty easily, that it doesn't happen that often.

        Yes, there's the odd regional issue that might only affect Victorian users or nsw users. These are even rarer, and might have nothing to do with PSN. Yes, I'm sure it bothers people when they have limited time and the in the one free gaming moment they get they can't access the service. It still doesn't happen that often.

        It also affects me greater than most people because I have to be connected to the server to play my digital games, as I have my master account on someone else's PS4 and I really only buy digital.

        Last edited 08/09/16 11:16 am

    Waiting for the "i demand free stuff from Sony" replies.

    I don't usually feel bad for big companies, especially Sony, but when the PSN goes down I always feel sorry for them. Microsoft have the resources from other areas laying around to set a ridiculous standard for online functionality without even trying. Meanwhile Sony do a decent good job of keeping up with that standard without any of the product synergy Microsoft has.
    I'm not suggesting people should be happy with a faulty service, it's just sort of sad that people don't realise what's going on here.

      There's that, but in the past the worst of the service disruptions were jerk DDOS-ers whose names need no publicity. I've read enough IT articles that I'm aware it's virtually impossible to stop those sorts of things.

        It's hard to stop attacks like that, but you can be prepared and respond quickly which seems to be where Sony fall short. To outsiders like you and I it looks like Microsoft must be working harder and making wiser choices with their subscription money, but the reason Microsoft do significantly better when things go wrong Christmas morning is because they've got a lot of behind the scenes advantages.
        Not that it makes a PS4 any more usable right now.

    Yes, the store is up again, I can buy stuff from them!


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