Another Final Fantasy XV Tie-In Game Is Coming To Mobile

Square Enix announced a new mobile game called King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon at Tokyo Game Show 2016. It will be part of the Final Fantasy XV Universe, and is actually one of the games played by the characters in that world similar to Justice Monsters Five, that "mobile pinball thing" that came out for iOS and Android last month.

It's free-to-play, features 4-player multiplayer, and will eventually be available as a mini-game playable in Final Fantasy XV itself through DLC.

The cool part though is that Wrath of the Dark Dragon is actually a 30th anniversary homage to King's Knight, a scrolling shooter that originally came out on the NES and featured a soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu.

In truth the game was a bit of a turd, but hey, who cares...did I mention Nobuo Uematsu? Hopefully, Wrath of the Dark Dragon will, uh, learn from its predecessors mistakes.

Anyway, there's no official release date for this game in the West yet, but you can watch the trailer for it below.


    Squaneix needs to watch what they slap the FF branding on. If they keeping pumping out this shovelware with an FF skin on it we're going to forget that Final Fantasy used to mean quality gaming.

      Because the brand still has any ounce of quality associated with it? One of their latest do-wells was FFXIV which had to be rebuilt from the ground up because the original was terrible. They're banking hard on 15 and it shows.

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