Apple’s iOS 10 Update Is Soft Bricking Some iPads And iPhones

Apple’s iOS 10 Update Is Soft Bricking Some iPads And iPhones

Apple has finally lifted the veil on the latest version of their operating system for mobiles, iOS 10. And while users around the world have been busy updating their devices, a number of them have been sorely dissatisfied with the results.

When users are unhappy with something, they take to social media. And if you do a quick browse of the internet, you’ll find plenty of anecdotal reports of users with iPhones and iPads who have managed to soft brick their devices after trying to install the iOS 10 update.

Apple has already issued a statement about the problem, telling Recode that they “experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability”.

“The problem was quickly resolved and we apologise to those customers. Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help,” the statement adds.

Users that tried downloading and installing the update over Wi-Fi appeared to have the most problems, although connecting to iTunes and completing the update there should rectify the problem.

Of course, that doesn’t always mean the solution will be practical:

Still, it’s probably better than having your phone go all Worms on you.


  • when are people going to learn, THIS (or something like it) happens every time Apple or Google does a huge update. Sometimes small things, sometimes huge. Whether it is right or wrong is immaterial. Little is as certain as it is. NEVER update you phone on the first day/week of a major update. There lies the path of badness.

  • “I don’t even know if I have iTunes or a free USB port!”

    How do you… I mean… how do you not know either of these things??? Just…. how…. *facepalm*

    • Welcome to the modern age where such nice & expensive technology can & is operated by complete & utter morons who have extremely easy access to the stuff.

      • Absolutely!!! Thank god my son will never be one of these people. When he got his first laptop at 7 years of age, first thing I made sure of was he knew his way around the OS and even the hardware. Now he’s got his own desktop we’re going through the hardware again, how to treat RAM (i.e. NEVER touch it directly except in a certain way etc) how to identify parts, ports, cables etc. I just see this as basic knowledge one should have when owning a pc, but that’s just me I guess.

        But not knowing if you have a usb port spare? Not knowing if you have itunes installed? I just got an ipad and the first thing I did was install itunes.

        To borrow a quote from the millenial set… “I can’t even…”

        • See that’s how it should be. It should be basic knowledge but y’know my generation and the one following it are all “I want it now gimme” and don’t give a shit how they treat it or learn how to use it properly. As Roy from the IT Crowd said “People, what a bunch of bastards.”

        • It’s probably becoming less and less necessary to know about the internals of your PC and how to handle / fix them these days. With the move to laptops, tablets and phones building your own PC is becoming more niche. But yeah I am pretty flabbergasted that someone does not know if they have iTunes installed or a USB port.
          That seems a bit ridiculous.

          • It’s always necessary to understand hardware to some degree. We choose to own desktop pc’s and until they disappear entirely, knowing your hardware well means not having to pay someone to do that for you.

          • True enough. To be honest though I can’t remember the last time I booted up my desktop PC. Everything is done through my laptop, phone, tablet or console. I haven’t upgraded any part of it in a couple of years either and even then that was simply because a hard disk died. I think for the general populous knowing their hardware is becoming less and less of an issue. But, in general it’s still useful information to know, I agree.

  • It amazes me that when these updates go live how many people have issues. I just don’t get how people manage to screw up an update.. Never in my time using tech have I had updates go awry for my phones, consoles or computers. Okay there was that one time with Vista but that was so random I don’t count it.

    • I just finished updating my ipad right this second as I began typing this over wifi, it’s fine. I guess the issues fixed or it was the general teeny tiny issue blown out of proportion by social media?

      • I’ve been using iOS 10 since the beta was available, i’ve encountered a few small issues which were fixed by beta 2, other than it’s been an awesome experience & then I updated to the public release last week when Apple let me. It was a smooth operation took about 10 minutes to install on my 6S & all has been smooth sailing.

    • Remember that if an update bug only hits 0.01% of users, that’s going to add up to a lot of people when you’ve got a user base this large.

    • Had my original 3DS permabrick from an update that failed. Lost everything, and got me spooked enough to be constantly looking to unofficial means for brick protection now. Although I was always kinda looking at that since the Wii anyway.

  • This is a worry.

    My Macbook White (2008) is my Itunes ‘centre of the universe.’ There are other, better ways to store and source one’s media but I have learned Itunes down pat.

    Or at least it ‘was’.

    Late last year, I upgraded my PC to Windows 10, along with a slew of hardware upgrades (new motherboard and cpu, gfx card). So now, by rights, I should be using it as my hub.

    At around the same time, a catastrophic failed update to Mavericks/whatever the next one was called caused Old Whitey to crash big time. I had to system recover and reinstall the packaged OS from disc.

    I had up to ten iWhatsits synced to that iTunes/my account. I have since learned that it’s not a simple ‘oh hello I recognise you’ exercise, all my gear now thinks it was synced to ‘another Macbook/itunes libary.’

    This isn’t so bad, because the later models of phones are basically able to utilise their own software to authorise/authenticate/sync/etc with what’s on my itunes account.

    But I can’t connect stuff that might be bricked by the iOS 10 update that requires a connection to iTunes, because of course Whitey is out of date anyway.

    I am running out of options so perhaps I will need to migrate my itunes set-up to the PC. I’m deathly afraid of that ‘this is a different computer, Itunes will now de-sync and re-sync with this one’ notification however.

    Minecraft saves, podcast downloads and categories, not to mention other saved material on the device(s) I’ll have to either lose or re-locate is maddening.

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