Army Men 2 Just Got Rated In Brazil

Image: Youtube/DutchGamingCentre

In the long running series of RTS clones that marked the mid to end 1990's, there was one that always stood out because it was just, well, fun. That was Army Men, the game about marshalling your toy soldiers, and it might be about to make a comeback.

A listing on the Brazilian equivalent of Australia's Classification Board has picked up three ratings for Army Men 2 from 2K Games. The production year is listed for 2016, with three ratings for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Image: Brazilian Ministry of Justice

Army Men already has a sequel though: it was released on PC in early 1999, before later making its way to the Game Boy Color. 2K eventually picked up the Army Men franchise in 2003, following the bankruptcy of Army Men's creators, The 3DO Company.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of this. It's possible that 2K is just touching up the series for a digital re-release, as was seen with some of the PS2 classics this year. It could also be a proper remaster or remake, which would be an exceptionally fun surprise.


    Ok people. Prepare your butts for a new Army Men title every month.

    Could have sworn there was already an Army Men 2...

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