Ash Looks Different In The New Pokemon Anime 

As Kotaku previously reported, yes, there is a new Pokemon TV series. A new Pokemon anime means one thing: Changes to Ash's face. [Image via moa151]

Here are good comparisons of how the character has evolved over the years:

His latest design does seem like it's a departure from his previous one, which was far "cooler" than the latest comical-looking interpretation.

[Image via moa151]

[Image via Hayabusa]

[Image via hamigakisitai70]

[Image via moa151]

[Image via Hayabusa]

[Image via CVKKR]

Then, there's this via Twitter user rozikku_0317:

[Image via rozikku_0317]

[Image via rozikku_0317]

[Image via rozikku_0317]


Titled Pokemon Sun & Moon, the series begins airing this November.


    His hat isnt the standard pokeball his head is a pokeball.

    He must be slipping further and further into that coma...

      Haha i love how every fan theory for any children's show is "It's not real. They are in a coma. They are on their deathbed. Angelica is a drug addict, Tommy died in utero".

    Anyone else getting a kind of Steven Universe vibe from that?

    It looks like he's got a weird, little pencil moustache.

    Wow that's a huge departure from the series' recognisable style, which is weird because as far as I've seen, the Sun and Moon games themselves still use the old style. I wonder what gives.

    Yeah... This design is weird. Ash looks like Steven Universe and Teen Titans had intoxicated intercourse.

    I can't help but feel like they're trying to ride off the hype in Japan for the Yokai Watch anime...

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