Australia Dropped From $130,000 Tournament After Failing To Pick A Team

Australia Dropped From $130,000 Tournament After Failing To Pick A Team

The world of professional video games isn’t exactly a quiet one; there are plenty of tournaments to play in. So it’s not unreasonable that a team would pass up the opportunity to play for approximately $130,000. But what doesn’t often happen is passing up the opportunity because you didn’t submit a lineup on time.

Australia’s spot in this year’s The World Championships (TWC) finals, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event with a $US100,000 (~$130,000) prize pool, has been taken by Turkey after the former failed to register a lineup for more than two months.

“Australia had more then two months to register the lineups for TWC2016 Lan finals, however due to some internal issues they failed to do so,” the announcement read.

It’s the second time a country has been forcibly dropped out of this year’s TWC, which is more understandable when you consider that players represent their country, rather than their individual team, at the event. Not playing for your team raises a whole raft of issues with contracts and availability, and earlier this year the United States was replaced by Canada.

The announcement notes, however, that Poland and Finland won’t be able to have “their lineups ready due to the fact that some of their players will be busy with other competitions”. That indicates that Australia’s issue could have been more down to internal politics, or a lack of communication.

Australia defeated New Zealand to represent Oceania in the 2015 TWC finals, but due to scheduling conflicts with the Crown Invitational in Melbourne Australia was no longer able to field a roster. The spot was given to Indonesia instead, who finished third in their group after taking a match off Serbia.

This year’s TWC finals starts October 6 in Belgrade, Serbia.


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