Battlefield 1 Gets Critical Horse Nerf

Battlefield 1 will see some changes now that its extended beta period is over. The most important? Horses will no longer be galloping death machines.

In a post on the official Battlefield 1 website, lead world designer Daniel Berlin outlined some of the alterations being made to the game as a result of player feedback. Small changes are coming to speed up the game's Conquest Mode but the most important news is that horses are not going to be so damn tough.

"We agree that Horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment," Berlin stated in the post.

One of the largest concerns during the beta was the durability and effectiveness of the mountable horses in the game. You really did not want to screw with any equine opposition during the beta. They were neigh unstoppable. It seems that the developer is well aware of how tough those hooved demons were. Alongside nerfs to the effectiveness of tanks, horses will also be made a bit less intimidating.

"It's true, we're nerfing the horse," the game's official Twitter account tweeted today. "And yes, that was a really fun tweet to write."

Thank goodness, I say. Horses were tough bastards in the beta. With this nerf, I might finally be able to sleep again. If I close my eyes, I can still hear the whinnies...


    This is why they recently banned horses from real war; They can be a real... night-mare.

    *removes sunglasses*

    Last edited 20/09/16 10:42 am

    Anti tank grenades. Horses count as vehicles. Hilarity ensues. Say nigh unstoppable now! :p

      Neigh unstoppable.


        Don't apologise for a bit of horsing around. It behooves you to lighten the mood at times.

    I can still hear the whinnies…

    Their terrible death-whinnies...

    Excellent, that should make the game more....stable

      saddle down, neigh one likes your horse puns.

        Dont worry about it, the thread wont be around furlong.

    They have definitely pulled the right rein doing this. Nobody wants to be saddled with an unplayable game

    Good to see they're going to bridle them, they were too powerful.

    Excellent. Overpowered horses were the mane gripe I had with the BF1 beta.

    Just get your colt out, and shoot the mare mortal riding it.

    Wait...what are we talking about...?

    I thought they were ok actually. As long as gunning a man off his horse as he is within bayonet range about to sabre me open is still as satisfying im not too fussed,

    about time they giddy up out of their seats and fixed it

    well hopefully the nerf includes limiting their ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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