Battlefield 1 Is A Very Pretty Video Game

Image: Berdu

Just in case you didn't know, Berdu is a goddamn genius. Of all the cool people doing fancy in-game photography, he is my favourite.

His latest shots of Battlefield 1 are predictably glorious.

Like the above image of things exploding. Always a classic.

Or the below image of a man on a horse. Less of a classic, but still... pretty cool.

Image: Berdu

Below: a plane. Another explosion. This is a war game for sure.

Image: Berdu

Explosions look good in this game.

So, in conclusion: Berdu is great and you should check out his page. There are plenty of amazing photos just like this.


    Yeah, nah.

      It's definitely a pretty game. But also, its a boring game where once again it feels like anything you do doesn't matter.

        capping a flag by yourself, or with a team mate, while holding off enemies, and helping your team win the map doesn't feel like you're doing anything? Even taking out a tank or plane feels like you're saving team mates.

          I don't feel that at all. I understand that overall it helps the team but it's just a tiny ripple effect type deal. But the feeling of my actions being important doesn't really exist for me.

          When you consider that your actions in a game like Overwatch mean more to the outcome of the game then Battlefield feels empty. I get that it's because of the difference in scale... but I enjoy Battlefield and playing it, but also feel like I'm not really doing much but just doing my own thing that hopefully will help my team win. It's a weird feeling of being satisfied and at the same time bored.

      So...what do you think are pretty video games then?

      Fair enough if you don't like the art style, but it's an "objectively pretty" game (lol oxymoron). It has high resolution textures, realistic weather/shadows etc, high poly count models and so on.

    Pretty game, but boring. Won't be buying this.

    Game looks gorgeous, controls are right and feels particularly smooth, menus aren't cluttered with crap, loadouts aren't bloated and confusing and a bonus the party system works a treat. Sound design with the Battlefield games are second to none, no other game comes close to guns that sound that good.
    Follow it up with a great campaign Dice and you should have a great game on your hands.

    When people say it's boring, presumbly that's related to the multiplayer? If the game has a great single player campaign, to me, that's worth the price of admission but I'll wait for the reviews to come in before buying. The latest Doom is probably the best recent example I can think of that this applies to.

    People calling this game boring, yet I've been playing non stop, and haven't played a shooter this much fun in years... so what games are they playing?

      Also the game is boring even though it is a beta and only 1 map is available...

      I hope they bring in a no mans land style map. I think a bit of trench warfare will be a nice change to what is out there right now.

      Halo 5 is way more fun and stylistic than BF.

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