Biker Mice From Mars Gets An Advance Wars Style Prequel

Classic '90s cartoon Biker Mice From Mars follows a trio of alien rodents attempting to save the Earth from the evil army that destroyed their home planet. Mobile strategy game Biker Mice: Mars Attacks tells the story of the Plutarkian war on Mars. Weird. Well, not so weird considering that Biker Mice From Mars has seen a revival in recent-ish years. Folks in Australia, the UK and Europe got a Biker Mice refresher back in 2006.

We also got the 2006 game for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2, as well as last year's action game for iOS and Android from developer 9th Planet, the same folks behind this turn-based strategy prequel.

Here we get to see Throttle, Modo and Vinnie bring the battle to the fishlike Plutarkians on their home turf, and while fans of the cartoon know how that battle ended, maybe this time around the rodentia extremus can make a difference.

Inspired by Advance Wars, Nintendo's now-classic strategy series, this is more of a thinking person's Biker Mice From Mars game, which is a very strange thing to write. It's a bit loose and sloppy, but worth checking out if you're into that sort of game.

Biker Mice: Mars Attacks is available as a free download on iOS and Android.


    this is more of a thinking person’s Biker Mice From Mars game

    That is a sentence I can literally say I never thought I would read

    Decoy is going to have a stroke

      So i ended up getting incredibly sick this week. Bedridden and not even enough energy to type. Then the first day im able to log in im greeted with this.... There is a god...

    I get scared when I see such things as "In-app Products $104.99 per item"

    I'm pretty sure at least 50% of Kotaku readers are instantly going to think of Decoy when they read this headline... He has scarred our brains

    Nothing like releasing a game at the height of somethings popularity. Who isn't watching Biker Mice from Mars right now? I hope it's good, but seriously what's with the timing here?

    Last edited 07/09/16 11:18 pm

    The article was posted over 12 hours ago and still no sign of @decoy?

      i was on my deathbed. then i heard the sound of angels calling me back.

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