BioWare Will Let Two Fans Voice A Character In Mass Effect

Image: Youtube (Bioware)

If you've ever wanted to leave your own mark on your favourite video game franchise — well, provided it's Mass Effect — then Bioware is giving two gamers the opportunity from tomorrow.

From 4:00 AM tomorrow morning, BioWare is accepting submissions for their "Explorers Wanted" contest. It's basically an opportunity for a fan to be flown to BioWare's recording studios to voice a character for a Mass Effect game.

BioWare doesn't expressly say it's for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but they say in the video description that "we can send your voice to Andromeda" and on the contest page it finishes with "are you ready to send your voice to Andromeda?"

The reason why is, I suspect, legal. The section on prizes in the contest rules says "sponsor cannot guarantee that winner's recorded voice will actually appear in the commercial release of a game, in which game it may appear, or if in a game, where in the game the recorded voice will be heard".

That's even though both scripts have sizeable "Mass Effect Andromeda" banners above. If you want to enter the competition, you'll have to pick one of two scripts. Here's the lines and direction for the first:

Image: Bioware

And the second:

Image: Bioware

It's also worth noting that you can't submit audio or video files — if you wanted to send the video of you doing the recording — larger than 10MB.

The competition ends on 4:59 AM AEST September 29 (or Sep 28, 6:59 AM GMT). Australians and New Zealanders are free to enter, but you can only enter once. The terms and conditions say BioWare can pick up to 2 winners, and if you're chosen you'll be flown to one of BioWare's recording studios in Canada, California or London, depending on which is closest.


    I think you forgot the actual contest link, Alex!

    Also I couldn't see it explicitly mentioned anywhere, even in the rules, but it seems like you can only enter for one of the scripts.

    I dunno, the written seems really generic and bland.

    There is probably a twist to it like they are voicing gay or transgender characters so when people complain they will say it wasn't us it was the people who won the chance.

      If my Saxton Hale-esque version of Jordan Tate ends up being put on some slight cutesy waif I think I'd be too busy laughing myself to death to worry who it ticks off.

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