Blizzard Asks About Snoop Dogg Sound Packs For StarCraft

Image: Blizzard Entertainment/StarCraft

Microtransactions are certainly nothing new to video games, and they're certainly nothing new to Blizzard. That's the entire model for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, after all. But it's not something that's particularly prolific in StarCraft just yet.

So Blizzard is testing the waters, courtesy of a survey. And as part of that survey they've been asking people if they'd pay for new skins or voice packs. Featuring Snoop Dogg or Morgan Freeman.

Pictures of the email survey have been circulating online, with the questions and options varying slightly from user to user. The overall idea is fairly straightforward though, with the survey saying the StarCraft developers "is thinking about introducing purchasable items to the game in the future".

Images: Reddit (u/RuomraReklats, u/sterob)

Perhaps the funniest part is where users were given a range of options for announcer packs. Some of those included old favourites, such as the mechanic Swann, or the iconic James Raynor.

And then there ... other options. Such as David Harbour, the cop from Stranger Things. Gordon Hayward, the Utah Jazz small forward known for his open love of League of Legends. Morgan Freeman. Thrall (which has been voiced by the now-retired Chris Metzen). And Snoop Dogg.

I would have thought that Battlefield 420 was more of a natural fit for Snoop than, StarCraft: Blunt. Then again, it's not the first time Snoop has appeared in a game. There's a Snoop-themed skin for Nasus in League, after all.

Microtransactions have worked well in Hearthstone and for Overwatch, and I'm a little surprised that the various skins for units over the game's expansions (which were usually a way to indicate variants of a unit during the campaign) weren't made available before.


    I'd always found it a bit surprising that they hadn't added these things yet, especially considering the fact they'd made the multiplayer component free to play ages ago.
    What I'd really love is for major tournament winners to get their own custom skins, so Polt's marines and Life's zerglings and Lilbow's stalkers would all be something extra special.

    Mmmm Alarak. Give me some smooth smooth John de Lancie. Or you could add a sprinkling of cheerfulness and turn it into Discord or Q.

    So... The announcer voice options are a total sausage fest. They couldn't think of or approach any female celebrities? I'd love to have FemShep, Scarlett Johansson or Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls do the announcing.

    Oh my God, now if they could get a Vin Diesel-as-Riddick voice pack... I might even install the thing.


    Though the overwatch rng crap can piss right off for events! Dont mind paying for things but paying for a chance of a thing is bs!

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