Bungie Has Detailed The Weapon Rebalances Coming To Destiny's Rise Of Iron Expansion

Bungie has detailed the weapon rebalances coming to Destiny in the Rise of Iron expansion. Lots of little tweaks: Year 3 Thorn gets a range nerf, No Time To Explain gets built-in headseeker (nice), and Touch of Malice will no longer let titans use Blessing of Light as a buffer. That last tweak actually knocks out the lynchpin of our Oryx hard mode strategy (see video above)...

Check out more info here.


    Eh, strat won't change much - just go back to pre-ToM weapons, probably Spindle/Scout. A pair of titans are still a great choice for that position - the Blessing/Weapons bubble stack will still be useful for keeping them alive, and snipers with WoL will still melt the ogres only slightly slower than ToM. A bit more annoying for Warpirest, imo - five 320 ToMs with two bows and a Blessing/Weapons stack could (albeit only just) melt him in one round, and after the April update, could do so fairly reliably...

    Curious that they'd do it this late, tho... I guess it's a pre-emptive fix for something in Machine's Wrath, not to deliberately screw with King's Fall strategies. I can't imagine it being to fix titans abusing it in PvP...

    More confused about Boolean Gemini - HCR will increase the impact but reduce its already pretty terrible stability.

    So long as my hilariously op pusle rifle continues to get the job done I'm happy.

    Just don't hurt my Bad Juju and we're cool.

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