Community Review: Destiny Rise Of Iron

Community Review: Destiny Rise Of Iron

We’ve had roughly a week with Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron, and so far the takeaway has been generally positive. It’s got one of the game’s best story missions, and we’re finally getting a sense of what Destiny can do when it doesn’t have to accommodate for the 360 and PS3.

But are you having fun?

I haven’t jumped into Rise of Iron yet — I’m planning to this weekend with a group of friends. We’ll probably start new character afresh and go through it all again. I never played vanilla Destiny, although my friends did. They spent all their time on Xbox One, however, and converting to PS4 means their progress didn’t carry over.

The game’s latest raid, Wrath of the Machine, didn’t last particularly long; a team managed to knock it off in a couple of hours. Mind you, given the World of Warcraft-esque way in which people have taken to Destiny, that’s not much of a surprise.

Outside of that, the private matches are an excellent addition. Many of the features are also an indication of the sort of things we can expect to see when Destiny 2 finally lands: things that make it easier to organise higher-level matches, a venue for players to dry run strategies and formations, and more things to fill in the downtime between raids.

But how do you find the moment-to-moment gameplay? Is there enough content to get you interested in Destiny, if you passed on it the first time around? And for those who have stuck with Destiny throughout, how are you finding Rise of Iron?


  • I’m having some of the best fun yet with RoI. Been playing hard out all week and feel like there’s still so much more to experience. Don’t know how on earth people are even raid ready at this point, as I’ve only just hit 350 light on my Titan and warlock, haha

    • Same boat with my 354 Hunter that I have been having a blast with and refuse to speed up the process to Raid just yet!

      • it works out better for us in the long run anyways. I’d rather run it with people that know what they’re doing instead of running in blind anyways, lol. new raid gear looks tasty as, as well!

  • It’s fun! It doesn’t feel as expansive as Talen King, but there’s a lot added under the surface that make it well worth the $45. The new area is pretty cool too, and I like that they added in the book thing that gives you extra rewards for completing different parts of the update.

  • Having a blast, got Hunter to 368 and the grind is real now. Got up to siege machine in raid, 2nd best raid to VoG.
    Love the year book system, onto 44%, love the addition of rewards for all the ranks.

    Stuff that fragment ontop of the mountain….45Min of jumping and swearing haha.

    Only gripe is archon forge,noone ever there, can only carry one offering. Should be a matchmaking scenario for 2 fireteams of 2 or 3.

  • enjoyed it and did the raid a few times so far but now being hit with constant baboon dropouts so im just focusing on fh3 for now

  • Enjoying it a tonne, but have a few nagging issues with the progression system. Getting to 365 is a bit of a grind, but nothing too bad, considering every strike you do nearly guarantees you two blues higher than your current light. At 365, that progression stops dead – only way to progress is via faction packages, strike chests, exotics, and the raid (and presumably Trials/IB when they return).

    Archon’s Forge drops light-appropriate gear, but the drop rates are so low, and you can only hold one key at a time, so it’s not really worth doing for the progression until you hit that 365 wall, and even then the drop rates are so low it’s almost better to go farm exotics unless you can get a group of 6+ people into the same instance.

    That said, a group of us went into the raid blind as soon as it opened, LL ranging from 354-367, and had a blast figuring it out for ourselves. I loved the technical complexity of KF, but it took a long time to figure out what the mechanics actually were/did. WotM is much better at communicating mechanics, so we spent far less time wondering what we needed to do, and more time refining strategies and working on tightening our coordination, and as a result, hit the final boss around 3 hours in (admittedly, we still spent an hour learning the mechanics of that fight and opted to come back later in the week with fresh minds and higher light levels). Looking forward to giving it another shot tonight or tomorrow.

  • Love the expansion.the story makes you feel
    Like you just got a all new become a iron lord throughout all the hard work from the finally become something special.great and an amazing game.
    Great work bungie.

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