Community Review: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Community Review: Deus Ex Mankind Divided

After five years in the making, we finally got a new Deus Ex game. And as it turns out, it played and smelled a hell of a lot like Human Revolution.

For most people that’s a good thing — Human Revolution was great. But that was five years ago, no?

All in all, I think it’s fair to say that Kirk was pretty satisfied. Prague’s a fantastic city, and there’s plenty of nooks, crannies and secrets to find.

Jensen’s a whirlwind of power too, perhaps a little too much. The fact that Kirk ended up imposing restrictions on himself to make things more interesting speaks volumes. But ensuring that Jensen is a tad overpowered also helps to reduce the feeling that the microtransactions are necessary at any point.

The inclusion of the breach mode seemed cool, although some interesting rumours have come out about that since the game’s release.

So after more than five years of development, what do you think?


  • Enjoying it a lot, but I can’t help but feeling it’s a middle chapter. I don’t think it’s resolving its plot, but setting up something else for a sequel.

    I’m in
    London which I’m lead to believe is end-game.

    Gameplay is still sterling, and I like that it’s trying to go for something a bit more intelligent than most games (although tying it to current civil rights stuff like “Aug Lives Matter” is kinda tone deaf). Jensen remains a great character, he’s hilariously humorless.

  • I’m conflicted. It’s generally the sort of game I adore. I also feel the gameplay is really close to the 98 original game. Prague is amazing and huge and fun. And the sidequests never feel like throwaway stuff. They’re all meaty, fleshed out and have a reason. Even when they do a fetch quest it doesn’t feel like a fetch quest.

    But I still feel the game is really uneven. After finishing the game, I don’t really want to finish it again straight away. Keypads, which I previously loved, I’m now a little sick of. Maybe also it’s just missing that spark that Warren Spector brought to it. The original Deus Ex is more X-files, which I loved, and sprinkled with really engaging philosophical musings. This game drops a trail of breadcrumbs but it’s more Jason Bourne than anything else, and is rarely if ever whacky conspiracy theory like that game. Maybe that’s why I got excited every time they namedropped on NPC from original Deus Ex.

    I still like it very much though. I mean, The Palisade Bank. C’mon.

  • Am I the only one who felt like the movement was a little clunky compared to the previous game? Sprinting in particular was a bit weird.

    I have only played the prologue as I heard there was a DX12 patch coming very soon but I’m still really looking forward to getting stuck in.

  • I’ve only just started playing Human Revolution (for the first time) and while its really good I can’t help but draw comparisons to the stealth in Phantom Pain. I would have thought that a sequel to Human Revolution would expand on the stealth much like PP did from Peace Walker.

  • It’s like Deus Ex: HR but better!
    In the little time I get to actually play games the last couple weeks, this is what I’m choosing to play, and I’m having a ball.

  • Solid game, more of the same, what to expect from a AAA sequel that becomes serialised. No issues but a frame rate drop due to particle effects in some areas. DXNG dev team did a great job… shame they gave Breach and dlc to other teams/offices.

    Squares upper management has to stop doing screwing around with tacking on features in the 13th hour… Breach is meh and clearly a free2play game in disguise, Preorder is a fiasco (but at the end I was going to buy it anyway), the cash shop DLC clearly tacked on but consumables really dont work in solo games.

    Season Pass… first time I hesitated in buying one… no information available and no comment/apolgy fromSquareEnix on the DLC preorder issues/design decisions have scared me off… if its Missing Link quality, yes, it its the Fall or Chens mission quality NO!

  • I honestly don’t know with this game, HR was one of my personal best games from last gen, this is the same but i feel is lacks the charm which sucked me into HR.

    It is a good game though.

  • Absolutely loving it so far. Am liking all the familiar character references from the original Deus Ex. Gameplay is stellar! Hacking into peoples computers while they’re in the next room has never been so hilarious.

  • bout 34 hours in, only at mission 10 loving it so far, found even on PC ive had to use a controller as others have pointed out it feels a little clunky with KB/mouse.

    Had an issue where none of my achievements were being counted, then i remembered that in DE:HR i had the same issue until i disabled steam overlay, working again but the ones i did have not been applied retroactively which is unfortunate.

    I’m finding i have too many credits tho, i’m playing on hardest difficulty and buying everything i wants/need and i’m still 70-80k at all times.

    Im upset that i cant Safety dance anymore, or punch randoms in the face…. but overall its a great continuation and im loving being bi-polar Jensen again.

  • I have just started, but I’ve had massive issues getting the mouse sensitivity and graphics settings working right. It would either drop framerates to nothing, or the mouse accelleration would be so ridiculous that it was unplayable. Finally got it to the point where I could play it though, and it’s ok so far. Now that I’ve cleared my mind of that frustration I’ll give it a more thorough look.

  • Only playing the first mission so far (just got it yesterday) but it looks great – a nice change from brown/yellow dystopia in the previous game!

    • I actually really like the black and gold colour scheme of the last game, and I especially loved how it was implemented to be thematically consistent, (as in how it was used to represent the ‘golden age’ of augmentations). I do like how they have changed it up though, and the clean, almost Blade Runner-esque aesthetic of this game is absolutely stunning at times!

  • I absolutely adored it. I finished it once and am now on NG+. Mechanically the game feels so much tighter than HR, combat and movement being greatly improved. Occasional chunks of clunky/badly written dialogue do pop up, but its a small blemish on an otherwise perfect package.

  • I liked it, up until I got to “the end”, which felt like there was a good 3rd of the game missing, maybe because they literally didn’t explain anything.

  • I am sorta of having fun playing it. There is so much to love but my main problems is that the world isnt smart enough. You can break into peoples computers while there are standing there and even in some cases when they are on them, you can break into their backrooms while there are standing there.

    My second problem is just how ugly, small and blocky the world is. It is set in Prague is it is virtually impossible to make Prague look ugly yet in this game it is. The fact you cant even see the West Bank with its Castle etc until night is just crazy.

    The biggest waste of a great city in gaming in ages, sure i didnt expect something the size of Assassin’s Creed. I still expected much more Prague. I supposed at least people in the city speak their native language. It feels like a computer game playground not a breathing city. Or maybe it is just we are so spoiled by open world games these days, when we get something so ‘old school’ it just feels old and unremarkable and claustrophobic

    Its good but not great. I dont look forward to playing it but when I do I love it. Weird I know.

  • Yeah. Good not great. Kinda disappointed. Writing is quite bad and some of the voice acting is the worst I’ve heard in a long time. Miller in particular sounds like he’s just reading lines.

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