Crowd Shouts, Throws Things At Counter-Strike Tournament

Crowd Shouts, Throws Things At Counter-Strike Tournament swept a two game series against Cloud9 to win the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals at the DreamHack Open in Bucharest this weekend. However, during the finals, some people in the crowd began holding up signs to reading “THEY ARE B” and “THEY ARE A,” potentially revealing important information about what Cloud 9 was or wasn’t up to.

In this case, it was no doubt more of a troll than anything else, but some feel it threatens the integrity of the game either way. With $US50,000 ($66,739) on the line, any distraction can cause havoc for the teams competing, and it’s up to venues and tournament organisers to prevent disruptions like the above.

As Canadian CS:GO caster Sadokist! pointed out, some in the crowd were throwing things at those on the announcer panel as well.

For its part, the event organisers at DreamHack said on Twitter that they were vigilante and responded swiftly. couldn’t be less concerned, however, content to celebrate a stunning win today against a worthy opponent.


  • I really hope the organisers of DreamHack weren’t truly vigilante, that seems like it’d be taking it a bit far.

    If they were merely vigilant, however, that would be good.

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