D Is For Destiny, A Children's Book About Grinding In Space

Destiny, a time-consuming video game which parents can play to avoid parenting, now has an official children's book. It's called D Is for Destiny, and yes, it really is official: It's the product of a team of Bungie's artists and writers, who got together to make something that parents who love being tormented by engrams and children too young to know what Destiny actually is can bond over.

It sounds so dumb on paper, but the book is actually cute as hell. I wish all Fallen carried sweet lil' balloons around the battlefield.

Below are some of the pages so you can see what I mean:


    < obligatory joke about grinding the D >

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      Bad jokes aside, this is pretty cool. I feel that this kind of (good) creativity is sparse.

    god this came out ages ago lol, got a copy incase i ever have kids haha its actually really cool

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