Death Stranding Has Open World And Online Elements 

Hideo Kojima hasn't talked much about the actual game play in his upcoming title Death Stranding. In Tokyo yesterday, he shed a tiny bit of light on what to expect.

According to Kojima, it's an action game with open world, giving the player a degree of freedom, but it also has the story element you'd expect from a Kojima game. He said that Death Stranding does have an online element, but did not reveal how large that element is.

Kojima added that most game, basically, have people going at each other like aggressors, pointing out that action games developed as players facing off against a computer, which was followed by players battling online, then playing together in co-op against the computer, but still battling.

Death Stranding will have action and combative elements Kojima promised, but he wants the game to create links — strands, if you will — between players, instead of just having them try to knock each other down.

"I'm aiming for a new type of action," Kojima said.

Hopefully, the final game has actual handholding.

"With Death Stranding, I'd like to offer the next step, the future of gaming."

From the sound of it, this sounds like it could be his biggest departure yet. Having players face off is a long-standing game mechanic, so not relying only on that formula could make for an interesting experience, but one that's risky for him as a game creator.

Kojima Productions now has an office, and Death Stranding now has a game engine. "We're starting to get into full-blown development," Kojima said. Good news, but don't expect this one anytime soon. It seems like it's a while off.


    This is starting to confirm my suspicions that it might to be a co-op survival game of some kind. The "Strand" concept sounds like it may be a Dark Souls co op like concept but with a more permanent link between you and the people you co op with. Either way I'm interested to see where this goes but I'm also worried it's going to be another instance of a developer touting something as completely new when it's just a minor variation on existing game design.

    If your game is so far away that you can't show or explain what the game is about... Stop getting up and doing presentations about it, I don't care how famous, or what games you've made before... There's no better way to leave fans dissapointed than to talk your game up for years, only to have people form opinions of it way too early and then when you finally get around to releasing it, it being a different vision than what you told us it all was 4 years ago.

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      I have to agree. I don't understand the hype around Kojima.

        I really enjoyed the original Metal Gear Solid, in a sort of gloriously cheesy 80s action movie way.

        As time has gone on the more and more I've started to strongly dislike Kojima's work. Yay for more convoluted, nonsensical Illuminati plots and fourteen hour monologues with crap dialogue. Don't forget, she's only naked because she's a plant lady! It's definitely not fan service.

        Disclaimer: still played all the Metal Gear Solid games because I like the gameplay.

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        Sounds like his "The Last Guardian" moment - setting off the hype train early and then......

        Also, this coming from the guy who created Quiet in MGS5.

    Also mentioned something confusing about people all using clubs to beat the shit out of each other O_o

    The first beardy guy in the third picture reminds me a lot of Guillermo del Toro.

      i have a feeling that was intentional

      There was a whole heap of leaked info about the game that was supposedly from someone in Guillermo's team.

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