Destiny Players Find Way To Skip A Third Of The New Raid

Destiny Players Find Way To Skip A Third Of The New Raid

In the two years since it launched, Destiny’s greatest tradition has been this: Players will always, always, always find a way to break things. Sometimes this involves hiding on a chandelier; other times it involves pulling LAN cables. And occasionally it means just walking around whatever’s in your way. This new exploit, discovered by Destiny player The Lone Wolf, is as simple as it gets: You can bypass the Death Zamboni in Wrath of the Machine by running right through the walls. To do it, you need to start fresh — you can’t use the checkpoint — and just barrel your way through the right side of the encounter. Watch:

There’s no real reason to do this — the Siege Machine is the coolest raid encounter we’ve seen to date, and skipping the fight also means you won’t get the normal loot chest (though you can still get the exotic chest) — but it is entertaining nonetheless. As one Redditor wrote: “They’re so good at putting in invisible barriers, you’d think they’d be at least as good at putting in visible ones.”


  • I’d imagine it’d only be worthwhile for speedruns…

    though you can still get the exotic chest

    On second thought, there’s something like four exotic chests between Vosik and the server room, so yea, this should probably be fixed asap.

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