Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Corrupted My Saves

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Corrupted My Saves

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a pretty good video game. I like many things about it. It is beautiful. I haven’t predicted where the story’s going yet. I get a kick out of running errands for people. Some of the quests have me genuinely unsure what decision to make.

I dislike many things about it. It’s a weak stealth game. The third person transitions that totally rip you out of the immersiveness of the first person. The fact that the best solution to any problem is simply crawling through a vent. The fact that there’s no truly interesting ways to employ the game’s tools, like there is in games like Deus Ex and Dishonored.

19 hours in, tragedy struck, as a patch appears to have corrupted all of my saves. I was about ready to complete the Golem City section of the game, too. 19 hours gone, just like that. Worse still, the pre-order DLC items I got? They’re all gone. Square broke my game and cost me stuff I paid money for.

Now, you would be wise to say “don’t preorder games,” and most of the time, I’d listen to you, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my favourite games, and I had total confidence in the Mankind Divided devs to make something cool. For the most part, they delivered, but losing the praxis kits really hurts.

That said, there is one good thing about having to start over from scratch: I’ve learned so much more about the game. I’ve found so many more quests and interesting areas to explore. My second trip through Golem City caused me to re-assess it. Before, I thought it was absurdly linear, which was unfitting for a Deus Ex game.

As I sneaked my way through Golem City the second time, I found so many more ways to tackle the objectives that I felt like I was playing a completely new game, which was awesome. Too bad most of the new areas were linked by vents.


  • It would only be “annoying” IF there wasn’t ingame cash shop slapped onto the game.

    To have your save corrupted at the cost of preorder gear and purchased items is tantamount to stealing.

    It can’t go both ways; the game either has to be rock solid, or free of real money involvement.

  • Question – if Kotaku published a typical review/score article covering this game, would this fact need to be taked into consideration and the review revised/the score changed?

    It’s a huge grey area now, I know (and Kotaku’s free to review the games it does the way it does, they’re great to read) but how Deus Ex Mankind Divided can possibly be called both a AAA game and a game that seems to only be worthwhile if you’ve signed up to Deus Ex the Franchise as a Way of Life is really interesting.

    Like yeah, big new flashy game looks kinda great. But I really don’t have any affection for the games. Maybe this’ll be the one. Maybe not. By the time I assure myself life’s too short the next hyped release is out.

  • Jim Sterling has confirmed from a source, that at the time review copies were sent out… it wasnt even built yet. Questioning why such a rock solid developer seems to be wasting development time and money chasing stuff like this that clearly doesnt work.

    But seriously OUCH! I didnt figure lost/corrupted saves into this issue… one time use only works in persistent game environments and online saves even then I once had a cash shop purchase in an MMO corrupt my player account and it took 4 weeks to restore my account and another 3 weeks to get refunds…. I stopped playing at gthat point due to poor customer support. Curse you EA

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