Disneyland Has A Pokemon GO Problem

A reader's girlfriend works at Disneyland, and sends word that it looks like management is having some trouble with the actors in ball gowns and animal suits playing Pokemon GO on the sly. Image: bbrunomoraes

She sent him this shot from behind the scenes at the park, where the bosses have had to put up a sign barring "cast members" (you know, the kids dressed up like Disney characters) from playing the game while on the job.

Rattata? Nice try, Disney, we know the parks are crawling with the best shit.


    I know they had a whole bunch of Ingress portals there and I thought I had read somewhere that management was not really happy about people playing while there.

      The POIs in Pokemon Go are based on the same data as Ingress, so not surprised. :)

        Yeah, there are a bunch of Pokestops and gyms about thanks to me in some areas!

    I an more surprised that Disney hasnt tried to get Niatic to remove all stops and pokemon from the parks... after all an Electric Mouse is competing against Mickey from childrens attention (and the parents earned money)

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