Dominos Will Deliver Pizza With Just Voice Commands

Dominos Will Deliver Pizza With Just Voice Commands

Forget hoverboards, this is the future I’ve been waiting for.

You can now have pizza delivered to your face using nothing but voice activation. All you need to do is open an app (using Siri or Google Now if you don’t even want to touch your screen) which automatically counts down from 10 (a small window to allow for your indecision to subside) before placing your order for you.

Domino’s is the genius behind the free Zero Click app, launching today in Australia on iOS and Adroid.

You’ll need to log into your Domino’s account to make your first order, but after that you’re set. When you want pizza delivered you can click on the app like a pleb, or use your voice like the beautiful future-dwelling superior being you are, uttering those five magic words: “Hey Siri, open Zero Click”.

If waiting 10 whole seconds for your order to place is a drag, you can speed it up (but you’ll have to use your fingers). You can use TouchID to make the order secure, too.

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said Zero Click is for “engaging with the Millennials” with their “busy and active lifestyles” but we all know it’s just so we can butt-dial pizza. As if that’s a problem.

I, for one, am perfectly happy with the idea of surprise pizza.

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    • So salty! (their pizzas, not you, nothing else makes me get up for three drinks of water and two pisses during the night)

      • Haha right? Also, I love the current Melbourne range ads, where they talk about making their version of the Aussie like it’s some kind of revelation, rather than something they should have been doing the entire time.

  • How does Pizza Hut still exist? Dominos has been putting them to the sword since 2011.
    Still waiting for that expanded menu with salads/burgers they promised ages ago though. I imagine they will need bigger kitchens so it’ll be a long wait. They should update us on their progress and rollout plan.

    • But Domino’s pizzas are crap tho.

      I mean Pizza Hut is hardly gourmet dining, but they’re certainly a step or five up in quality. I’d never willingly order from Domino’s, anything else at all would be a better choice.

  • I’ve been ordering pizza using voice commands for years. Granted I direct those voice commands at another human on the other end of the telephone line …

  • Couldn’t you technically do this already? “Siri call 94811111”, then follow the voice prompts like always :p
    Assuming that’s how Siri works, anyway.

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