Don’t Watch 50 Video Games Songs In Two Minutes, Just Listen

Video: YouTube guitarist FamilyJules7X enjoys making metal covers of his favourite video game themes, so he put together a medley of 50 rapid-fire clips that go by so fast it’s impossible to pick them all out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. No peeking, now. Some video game themes are so iconic that even a few seconds of distorted medley is enough to identify them. Others, not so much. I hit play and minimised the video the first time around (thanks to Adriana for the tip), and I maybe picked out 15 of the 50. How about you?


  • I heard Megaman 2’s Dr. Wiley (?) theme, Pokemon’s Title Theme, Kirby something, Zelda, Tetris… AND MARIO of course…

    And then I realised how uneducated I am.

  • Well, that sucked. I know the music for most of the songs in that list but for most of them their sections went by with only 3-4 notes, you can barely make out what half of them are. Doom stood out at least.

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