Dress Your Pokemon Sun And Moon Character Up And Do The Pikachu Dance

Dress Your Pokemon Sun And Moon Character Up And Do The Pikachu Dance

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon update video shows off character customisation, pet grooming and some version-specific Pokemon, but Pikachu’s Z-Move dance steals the show.

You know what Yo-Kai Watch has that Pokemon didn’t? Dancing with your pet monsters. But with the super-powerful Z-Moves in Pokemon Sun and Moon, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to bust some moves with your best Pokepals.

Not only do we get to see Pikachu’s dance, which I’m certain we’ll see videos of people performing from when the games drop until the end of time, we also get Eevee’s Z-Move, in which the little critter channels all of its evolutions. Its pretty spectacular.

Between the dancing and the Z-Ring toy, it’s almost as if the entire Z-Move system is a direct response to the Yo-Kai Watch phenomenon in Japan. Hmm.

Also included in the latest video, the ability to remove the chicken hat from the female player character, along with changing clothes and hairstyles to make your trainer a unique character in the game universe.

All that, plus a pair of version-specific Pokemon and a Pokemon that evolves differently based on the version players own, can be seen in the video below. Enjoy!


  • Before seeing this Video I was under the impression that it was a time based Evolution not a version Evolution.
    Edit: According to Serabii.net it still is a time based Evolution. Day for the Wolf, Night for the Werewolf.

    Also you see Pikachu fighting Meowth, Team Rocket Blasting off again?

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