ECHO Basically Pits You Against Yourself

ECHO Basically Pits You Against Yourself

So imagine there’s this castle. You’re running through it. You’re trying to survive. And finally you make it. But then the castle reboots. You have to go back to the beginning. Only this time you’re faced with clones. Clones of you. And they adopt the same movements you just made.

It’s a game from Ultra Ultra and it’s described as a third person science fiction adventure. It’s reminding me awfully of the part how SUPERHOT was more of a puzzle game than a first-person shooter, even though the latter fit the technical definition of what you were doing.

As explained in the first trailer, the idea is basically to keep a couple of steps ahead from the off. It sounds really clever.

If you’re fortunate to be attending PAX West, you’ll see ECHO at the Indie Megabooth.


  • Wow, my jaw almost dropped. So AI learning from the player every time you play through? Damn interesting concept

  • I’m tempted to get this game just for the concept. Since Half-Life, I have often wondered what it would be like if the AI somehow tracked what was happened and got word to agents further down the map.

    Would they adapt? Would they change their placement? Both?

    2017 can’t come soon enough.

  • House wants to test me and kill me… sounds like the Red Queen to me…
    Unreal tournament had adaptive learning which added that extra level of fun but im not sure if this would count as adaptive or just shadow play.

    Is there anything else to the game or just a single puzzle challenge? looks good but id like to see more content

  • well that’s a new one to add to the radar!!
    i wonder if to the objective of the game is to escape the house/mansion, or simply see how many reboot you can survive?

    • Have both? A mission to give a sense of completion and a survival to see how far one can test one’s self against his/her peers.

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