Endless Space 2 Is Looking Like Everything I Wanted

Endless Space 2 Is Looking Like Everything I Wanted
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Remember how there were a few big 4X games coming out this year? We’ve already had Stellaris early on, and the Master of Orion reboot launched just last month. But there’s one title on the horizon that’s still in the works. It’s Endless Space 2, and it’s looking a bit great.

A video released this morning is the first major segment of gameplay footage and the initialisation process for the space 4X since the developers, Amplitude Studios, were bought out by SEGA. And if you’re a fan of the original game, you’ll be pretty pleased with what’s being introduced.

Most of the structure from the original has been retained. There’s still a focus on “cinematic” combat, for instance, the most heavily criticised facet from the original game. But there’s also a ramped focus on minor factions, which now have their own systems and fleets that you can barter and trade with.

And in what seems to be taking a cue from Stellaris, ES2 is adding races, or factions, to the management of your colonies. The races have varying impacts on your civilisation, and they can also vote and pass on laws that have empire-wide effects.

There’s a ton of cool stuff to unpack. The ground combat also looks cool, even if in practice people will probably just skip to the end result the majority of the time. It’ll be keen to see what kind of improvements Amplitude has made to the combat.

Endless Space 2 is launching in Early Access later this month, with a full release slated for 2017. Given the number of 4X fans amongst you fine readers, I can imagine we’ll end up playing a game together at some point.


  • Sounds cool. It’ll be interesting to see the comparisons made between the other 2 you mentioned. I’ve never really played a 4X before, but do really like the idea. I wonder which will turn out to be a better “first time” space 4X.

    • Master of Orion would probably be the easiest entry point; Stellaris would be fairly overwhelming, I think.

      • Huh, fair enough. After hearing some of the things people were saying about Stelaris I was pretty keen to try that, but maybe Master of Orion should be where I check it out. More research to come! Thanks Alex.

  • Is the X series really 4X though (genuine question). I played X3 and didn’t get a 4X vibe, but only played for 10 or so hours.

    Agree that a 4X game where you get to pilot/command ships would be cool. Pilot the initial colony ships and explorers in the early stage, do the rounds of your empire in a diplomatic vessel mid game, then take the helm of a capital ship for the battles. Someone make it happen.

    Edit – doh, this should have been a reply to @thyco

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