Even JB Hi-Fi Is Taking The Piss Out Of No Man’s Sky

Even JB Hi-Fi Is Taking The Piss Out Of No Man’s Sky
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Wow. Talk about harsh — especially when it’s about a product you’re selling.

The fury over No Man’s Sky hasn’t dissipated, it seems. User hotsqueakybiscuits snapped this at a JB Hi-Fi store — it’s not known which yet — which is pretty brazen, even for them.

I mean, damn. It’s not often you see a store paying out the products they’re selling that hard.

I wonder how many people have tried to refund the game at JB Hi-Fi. And I wonder what will happen when Sony and Hello Games finds out; can’t imagine they’d be too thrilled. Here’s hoping they maintain a good sense of humour about it all.


  • Yeah, that’s too far.

    No Man’s Sky shouldn’t be the hill that ‘Aussie game prices are too expensive’ dies on, but that’s what’ll happen here.

    And yeah the prices are too expensive.

    Of course I say this as someone who absolutely abused the trade-in schemes JB used to run.

        • Firstly, i thought this was in AUD, and unless you shop exclusively at EB Games that seems a bit above the “norm” for a console game.

          Secondly, even before the critics savaged the game it did not strike me as a full-priced piece of software, and i’m genuinely amazed that they went for it.

    • I’d never pay $94 for a game, no matter what it is. My absolute limit is $60 and that’s only for a AAA title that I really want.

      Maybe I’m cheap or expect prices to be too low compared to what devs/publishers think but it’s been working out pretty well for me so far. I mainly play indie games but those are mainly what I’m interested in anyway.

        • Virtua Racing on the Mega Drive was $160 or something ridiculous due to the chip in the cartridge.

          Thank god for Blockbuster Video and game rentals in general.

        • And just think, thats in 1994 dollars. Not sure what it really works out to, but using a lazy movie ticket pricetag*, $1 in 1994 is roughly $2 today – $8.66 today (hah!) vs $4.16 for a movie ticket in 1994. So using that, $140 in 1994 would be a bit over $290 today…

          Games are cheaper than they’ve ever been, most dont appreciate how much you paid for something in the 80’s and 90’s in terms of todays dollars.

          *using boxofficemojo’s stated ticket prices, not the best base, but it makes the point.

          • The gaming industry is also much larger now and they make the most profit they’ve ever made. Just because games are cheaper than 15 years ago it doesn’t mean they aren’t overpriced.

          • Doesnt mean they are either. Most games dont sell in the millions, and never have. Those exceptions are either the product of massive studios that have hundreds of employees, a remarkable heritage, massive public appeal, or have tapped into an unexpected playerbase.

            Do you think a 50% drop in prices in a generation isnt enough? If you want to look at overpriced games, look at FIFA, of COD, or BF games. They do nothing from one game to the next, except maybe give you a new hat, and charge you a massive premium for them.

            I’ve seen plenty of people say they thing NMS is a $20 game, and thats a terrible mentality. If people are happy paying $100 for FIFA, $60 for NMS is more than justified.

          • The price is set by market expectation. If a game costs too much for what you get then people don’t buy it. Obviously the COD etc fan base is such that they’re happy to pay a high price every year because they like the product. The NMS fan base have realised how over hyped the game is and regret getting ripped off for it.

            Hence why I don’t pay more than $60 AUD for any game, and the ones I pay that much for are only AAA titles that I’ve been waiting for.

            Typically it’s more like $20 max per game that I play as I mainly go for indie titles.

      • that’s the prices the americans pay, or thereabouts. with the australia tax our prices get bumped up to like $80-90 RRP. sigh.

        • The Australian tax is the biggest myth going in the industry.

          If you look at it objectively when you factor in economies of scale and Australian wages compared to the US or Europe you will find we get games fairly cheaply in comparison.

          Every single step in the supply chain and sales team of a game is done by employees getting double the basic wage of their US counterparts . Also with the amount of distance games need to travel in distribution to reach the market is also staggering.

      • Haha, drawing the line at $60 isn’t cheap, it’s reasonable. Personally I draw the line at $20 (bar buying games for Nintendo handhelds because those never go down in price), a rule I will break in the future for select titles like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Half-Life 3 (because we all know it’s just around the corner right? Right guys? Right??? ….Guys?) and perhaps a few others. Whether my patience was learnt or natural is hard to say, but I don’t mind waiting a year or more to play games, it just means my PC is more likely to be able to run them at high spec anyway.

        Linked to this rule of limited expenditure is the other rule that demands I never buy a game without having read/watched at least 3 reviews from sources I like or trust. So far I’ve only regretted 2 purchases (Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS was way too easy and lacked the simple but perfect gameplay of the older 2D titles that I was hoping for and Bioshock, which might have been good for its time, but in my eyes is a very mediocre game with a fantastic opening and some nice concepts that are beaten to death (sometimes literally) over the course of the game) so I’m quite happy with these two systems so far, I’ll be sad to see them go once a game like ME:A/ME4 comes out.

        Also indie games are great, there’s a lot to love there for so little money (comparatively).

        • You’re a cheapskate and you have terrible taste in games. Both Super Mario 3D and Bioshock are titles that defined their respective hardware/generation. You shouldn’t be allowed near a console or message forum.

        • Yeah I agree with you on Bioshock. Bought that game when it was relatively new and it was just over hyped for me. I never got far in the game and stopped playing.

          Never even considered buying one of the sequels…maybe just not the right game for me.

    • I’m pretty sure this a JB HiFi in New Zealand, why would they have an All Blacks Edition going for 119.98?

  • Based on the second photo that includes the top of Rugby Challenge All Blacks Edition and the price of $119.98. I believe that’s from a JB Hi-Fi in New Zealand.

  • It does say “refund simulator“. I guess it’s possible, but extremely unlikely that you’ll be able to run into a person willing to authorise the refund.

  • $94 DOLLARYDOOS? They were selling it at $79 at launch and concede that apparently no one wants to play it, why would they jack the price UP?

    Edit: oh, apparently that’s NZD.

    I want it but I’m either waiting for a sale or an Xbox One release, whichever comes first.

  • groan… dear gaming world can we please get over this mass hysteria already?! there is a certain stage when a joke/situation is passed its used by date or interesting, then it just makes those who harp on it just look sad, that was already about two weeks ago.

    • If you dislike these types of articles saying bad things about your precious toy, Then perhaps you should stop reading/Commenting on them?

      • normally that would be easy, but they are EVERYWHERE. Er who says its my precious toy?! I am not even playing it currently, just over gamers acting like broken records. Two years worth of Destiny being punch line for jokes it doesnt deserve, really not too keen on going through all that lameness again.

        • Then stop reading the articles dimwit

          “The fire is burning my hand, It hurts. But im gonna leave my hand in the fire anyway”

          • likewise no one is forcing you to respond to a comment you dont like, but here we are, but personally I dont mind reading things I dont like or agree with. if more gamers took that approach the gamer community on a whole wouldnt be so toxic like it is.

          • No one is forcing me, Im choosing to comment because any negative article about this joke of a game results in you having a sooky la la about everyone being wrong about this game and being biased against it. Like bolt and his love for Abbott

            People dont like this game, They got a refund, Get the fuck over it.

            Its almost like your being anally retentive just to go against the crowd.

          • well no, because I am adult, capable of taking responsibility for my own actions and how I spend my money. ‘the crowd’ in this example like Destiny two years ago is frankly embarrassing. the way ‘the crowd’ is acting is well beyond the sins of the game devs, people like yourself who cant quite grasp for all the noise and hot air, some people actually like this game. its not about going against ‘the crowd’ is about making an informed purchased and being happy (enough) with what we got for our money, its about some of use adult enough to not jump on a bandwagon.

            a lot of negativity surrounding this game is less about itself, but online haters doing a huge stacks on to this game. its one of those cultural things where it is no longer about the game itself, its not even mass hysteria anymore, just a bunch of noise.

            there is a certain point when someone gets teased and made to be the punchline of a joke so much, that the victim becomes the hero. and the brainless bully masses the crowd if you will’ who keep heaping on the hate and bullying, they are the ones who just look sad

          • Your level of hipster-ism is beyond normal. Your head also seems to be fairly far up your own rectum. Have a good day plebius maximus 🙂

            Im also an adult and capable of deciding how i spend my money. Hence why i sought a refund after playing this joke of a game.

  • groan… dear gaming world can we please get over this mass hysteria already?! there is a certain stage when a joke/situation is passed its used by date, then it just makes those who harp on it just look sad, that was already about two weeks ago.

    • I dunno man, I saw an arrow through the knee tattoo the other day..

      Some shit never dies… Like Cthulhu… or Urkel

  • I wonder what will happen when Sony and Hello Games finds out; can’t imagine they’d be too thrilled. Here’s hoping they maintain a good sense of humour about it all.”

    Like seriously, what would they do?

  • If JB are selling it for $94 no wonder people are trading in. They’re probably going and buying it again at…oh, just about anywhere.

  • Is it me, or is Kotaku getting paid off by Hello Games? All of their articles regarding NMS either shower the game with undeserved praise, or stand up for it like it’s getting bullied on the school yard. It’s a grinding, uninspired and overpriced indie game that’s trying too hard to to be a AAA title.

  • I call bullshit on this. When you work at JB, there is a particular font that JB use for signs, cards and price tickets and this doesn’t even come close, not everyone can do it so there are generally only a few people in store who write them. This looks like it was written by someone wanting 2 minutes of internet fame.

  • It’s one of the JB Stores in NZ hence why the prices are different to what your local store would have them at

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