Every Weird And Wonderful Trailer From The Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show is a different kind of show. Especially now, when it's sort of lost a chunk of its relevance.

The best part: TGS has become less of a showcase of HOT GAMES COMING ATCHA and more of a celebration of niche Japanese weirdness. For baka gaijins like myself, this is a good thing.

Here are all the Tokyo Game Show trailers I could find!


Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Gravity Rush 2

Happy Manager

NieR: Automata


Puyo Puyo Chronicle

Resident Evil 7

School Girls/Zombie Hunter

Valkyria: Azure Revolution

World Of Final Fantasy

Yakuza 6

Did we miss anything awesome? Let us know in the comments!


    I've never played a Yakuza game but after all the media they have been releasing I think its a great time to jump in. Cant wait, deff in my top 5 anticipated games

      You totally gotta play them all in order.

        lol, not gonna happen mate.
        Unfortunately gaming is a luxury item for me (only about 1-2 hours a week if im lucky), 10 years worth of games spanning over 3 consoles for a single game will take me years to catch up.

        I played mass effect 2/3 without playing #1 and had no issues understanding the story, same as final fantasy but im not sure if Yakuza requires you to know the past story as a prerequisite.
        I wouldnt mind playing from 5 onwards as that will be worth it (also, yakuza 5 or yakuza 0?!? confusing much lol)

          There is a remake of Yakuza 1 & 2 coming so there's that. You could also start at 3 since it includes a recap of 1 & 2 in at the start. It also feels reasonably modern. Not sure about if 4 or 5 manages to ease new players in as well.

          Catching up to the story doesn't appear to be too hard. It's just that, there's something lovely about experiencing this series - growing with it - not just in story. It's one of the few series I've enjoyed where I've essentially experienced the same things (environments/gameplay/characters) every time and felt like 'coming back' was as much a part of this series appeal.

          Last edited 16/09/16 8:07 pm

            Thanks for the info mate, Sounds like my weekend is planned out :D

    Man, I'd forgotten all about World of Final Fantasy. The first FF game I've actually been even remotely interested in since FFXII.

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