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Image: Sony

Sony has some new consoles coming out. One of them they've mentioned before — their 4K console, the PlayStation Neo — and one they haven't, the slimmer revision of the PS4.

But tomorrow morning the company will finally show all and sundry what they've been developing. So if you're intrigued and want to follow along, we've got all the details.

Officially titled the PlayStation Meeting, Sony's conference — where they're expected to talk about PlayStation Neo, the PS4 slim and the upcoming PlayStation VR — kicks off from the following times: 3:00 AM AWST (Perth) 5:00 AM AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart) 4:30 AM ACT (Adelaide) 7:00 AM NZST (New Zealand)

To tune in you can watch the Twitch stream embedded below. There's also a special LiveCast page that PlayStation has set up, if you want to jump through those hoops (you'll have to login using your PlayStation account to chat).

I'll also be liveblogging the conference, in case you're up and would like some company. And if you're up, do join. I could definitely use the company. It's bloody cold at that hour.

How much do you think Sony will sell the PS Neo for? Are you expecting any surprises from the event, and what else would you like to see announced that's not hardware related?


    im gonna say 600 for the base neo and 700 for one with an ssd
    ps. why do 95% of article work fine on mobile and then occasionally one like this will be to big for the screen?

    Last edited 07/09/16 4:20 pm

      +2 for the formatting issue.

        I've asked our devs what the issue is, but my guess is it might be related to the Twitch embed. I'll see if there's something I can do.

    (a) It's gonna clash with the Apple conference.
    (b) I'm not expecting anything new - from either conference - that hasn't already been leaked; therefore,
    (c) I'm staying in bed.

      Isn't the Apple conference 2 hours earlier?

        Apple conference is at 3:00 AM AEST/1:00 AM AWST, so there shouldn't be too many clashes.

        Well, shit, now that is a dilemma. :P

          Sleep through one and then sleep through the other rather than both at once.

    Maybe for something really exciting, they'll announce the bloody Playstation Network will stop dropping out constantly

      The stream will drop out just as they announce it...

      My psn never drops out you probs just have crap Internet, :">{

      Last edited 08/09/16 1:24 am

    thinking to grab a PS4 slim, and dreaming for sub-300 price : s

    Only care about Red Dead Redemption!

      Yeah! I've been following those rumours too... Fingers crossed.

      So true , hope we get. Some results

      +1, either rdr for pc or rdr2. My day is made with either of those.

    Hoping for some news on backwards compatibility. Xbox is killing it in that regard right now which is good reason for them to be looking into this.

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