Final Fantasy XV Gets A Special PS4 In Japan

Image: Youtube

Sony is releasing a special Final Fantasy XV emblazoned "Luna Edition" PlayStation 4.

It's priced at 39,980 yen (~$522), comes with Final Fantasy XV, and will be out November 29 in Japan. No word yet on a Western release.


    Unless I'm mistaken that's a PS4 slim (though one of the tags is 'PS4 Pro' and the article just says 'PS4')

    Looks nice, a hell of a lot better than most of the older custom PS4s.

    I've basically been waiting for an FFXV bundle to be available before I buy a PS4.

    Last edited 13/09/16 10:25 pm

    It looks crap... The customs skins you can buy for 10 bucks will be way better. Can't wait for the game though!!!!!!! Definitely getting a ps4 pro.

    I'm still hoping for a ps4 pro bundle with this design.

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