Finding Your Best Hero In Overwatch

Video: Let’s break it down! That’s what I’m angling for the new name of our weekly Overwatch chat series to be. We’ll see, though. We’ll see. This week, Cecilia, Heather and I talk about our favourite heroes, why we ended up gravitating toward them and how becoming competent with certain heroes has changed the way we play the game — in good and bad ways.


  • Been playing a lot of Mcree in death ball comp. loving his damage potential and versatility however his ultimate needs to be looked at. Now that it is brought in line with ultimate consumption I just don’t find myself using it all that often. Needs to be a real good setup so that it is not wasted.

    Loving tracer when we go dive comp. always played her a fair bit in the past but now finding myself coming back to her more often. I feel like she isn’t getting as much play and people are forgetting how to defend against her.

    Also learning the finer mechanics of Lucio. I know people say he is easy but I think part of his kit is to make life hell for the other team by taking odd angles along the wall. Speed boosting at the right times. knowing where to be and when. Also when to punt the entire enemy team into the well ^^.

    • You should be building it pretty fast. Dropping it to kill 2 guys is not a waste, but sometimes if you sit on it all game waiting for a big play it can cost you kills.

      • I’ve just been finding I have to use it almost defensively. Like i find I only get a good result when it is used in combination with another support ult or tank ult. Whilst before I used to be able to get the sneak on people and if it wasn’t working out I could just cancel and it would be up again soon enough.

        I just find I am able to make better plays without it as it is one of the easiest ultimates to counter. Just the other day the opposing teams Mcree called out “it’s high noon” and bam I snapped headshot him because he glows and stands out like a sore thumb and literally can’t move.
        Instantly the opposing team is 5v6 and down one ultimate.
        I don’t know maybe I just need tgot practise it a bit more. I just feel like a liability when I use it and it doesn’t have the perfect storm of circumstances. And most of the time I have it 30-40 seconds into a game.

        Maybe I am just bad.

        • If you use it and are under pressure fire it early then clean up with left clicks. You’ll still inflict serious damage without kill shots and suddenly hitting a team for 400+ damage is nothing to sneeze at in a fight. Just think about wiping 50% off the enemy health pool while other players are firing into a fight or rein is swinging a hammer around. You’re helping a lot and will live to keep putting rounds into their guys. Also if you get a kill shot line up on a mercy/lucio always take it unless you are guaranteed to take out more guys (which you probably never will be so just kill the mercy).

  • Tracer <3 she just makes me smile. Whenever I play anything it feels like I am living the game in slow mode. Its fast paced, troublesome, unpredictable and so much risk vs reward. Unlike others who can kill whole teams every single time with their ults, shes a breeze to use but hard to master and very little obvious effect to the game (unlike a healer or tank), so little gratitude comes your way. that just makes even more rewarding to play. Like an very annoying mozzie just buzzing around putting the other team off their game.

    Far more satisfying to play and watch than two teams coming at it each in a death ball configs, wanting for either sides shield to fall before doing anything, yawn.

    • If that’s how you picture non-tracer skirmishes you should try out a few other characters. They can be just as crazy and unpredictable as Tracer shenanigans 🙂

      • Yeah when my team goes up against a deathball we switch to dive. Nothing more satisfying that zipping right past that shield and taking out the back lines before they even see you coming. And yeah that shit gets crazy. I like tracer but I have absolutely wrecked other teams and caused mass panic as Ana and Winston.

        Nothing puts fear into an enemy more than a giant red angry monkey or a healer that stops your zen ult and destroys your team.

        • Yeah Winston is great for causing chaos. Something about a giant angry monkey seems to cause a bit of scatter haha.

  • I am really enjoying junkrat, he’s a very self sufficient character that can cause trouble for pretty much any opponent. A quick drop of a bear trap before death will kill alot of the squishy characters with his martyrdom too.

    • Goddamn, I love Junkrat! A well-played one can change the flow of an opposing team completely by denying their push through a choke, and that concussive mine is able to be used in so many ways (offensively for damage, offensively for boop kills, defensively as an escape, as a mobility tool…).

      And of course, there are few things more satisfying than trapping an ulting Genji or Winston.

  • I really love Reinhardt. He is so much fun in quick play just going crazy offensive whilst the mind games and playstyle I’m competitive are intense. If you are losing out to the other Reinhardt you will basically lose the match for your team.

    Other heros who I love are Lucio, Junkrat and, in Quickplay, Genji

  • Zarya. Can play every map and is never situational. Kills like a beast. Projected barrier is OP. 200hp as shields is off the hook. Graviton surge is one of the more useful ultis. Provides massive amounts of dps, tank and support when played well.

    By far my favourite character to play and makes me feel confident when I see her in the lineup with a Winston or Rein main tanking. 100%

  • Every week or so I find myself picking out a character or two that I haven’t played much of and just running a bunch of QP matches to get a feel for them. Recently picked up D’Va, and have been loving her mobility and harassing damage, and the area denial/point clear of her ult is amazing (sometimes just causing the defense to scatter to give your team a chance to push on to the point is more valuable than kills).

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