Gal*Gun Has A Panic Button, For When Mum Walks In

Gal*Gun Has A Panic Button, For When Mum Walks In

Gal*Gun: Double Peace, the PlayStation game about shooting your love at schoolgirls, is now on Steam, and it has even managed to crack the top-sellers list. The more people playing, the bigger chance someone gets caught in mid-play. Luckily there’s a button just for that.

Available on both the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions of Inti Create’s risque rail shooter (Vita players can just tuck it in their pants), the “Mom Walked In” key as it is called here is a common feature among more considerate adult Japanese gaming fare.

Say you’re a 43 year old who hasn’t lived at home in decades, firing away at anime school girls. Maybe you’re making liberal use of the more accurate mouse controls offered by the PC version, zooming in to see through clothing.

You might just be recording the YouTube video atop this post, but what if your mum walks in? She’d never understand. Thankfully salvation is just a button press away. Hit the panic button, and suddenly you’re playing this:

Why, it’s just an old Super Nintendo game. You know, Happy Happy Unhappy Peace? I played it all the time as a kid, mum. Yeah, like Final Fantasy. Now get out of my room.

What a lifesaver! Just don’t let whoever is intruding linger for long, because any button press takes you right back to the innocently recording a video for your readers action.

You’re welcome.


  • If you haven’t lived at home in decades, then how is your mother going to just randomly walk in? My mum always knocks on the door, after leaving a message.

    • Hikikomori would probably be the prime beneficiaries of such a button. Also, there’s a reason I get games like this on Vita instead of home console. That way, the only people I need to worry about are people sitting behind me on the bus, and even then I’ll only worry if I’m playing a game which is not rated in Australia, which I never do *whistles innocently*

    • I haven’t lived at home for decades, but my mother is staying over as a guest for the next week or so. (Dad is having an operation, and normally they live in a country town.)

  • This kind of thing just plays to the stereotype that gamers are sex starved nerds who need whatever cheap virtual thrills they can muster.

    • Maybe, but I find it kinda funny.

      It’s really just a variation of a “boss key” that games have had for yonks. Boss keys eventually became jokes in and of themselves. Space Quest had a boss key that said your boss wouldn’t be happy if they knew how long you’d been playing and then told you your playtime. Mike says it’s common, so I wouldn’t be surprised it’s a common trope to joke about it in adult games like that.

      • Those were the days. Pretty sure Leisure Suit Larry had one too, but you were forced to reload from a previous save after you used it.

      • I’d like to ask the question “who isn’t a sex starved nerd after a cheap thrill?” in this world? Deep down, it’s true of all of us.

  • Could also be good if you had a kid around and needed to hide the screen from him. But if you have a kid around you should probably be doing stuff with them, not hiding away.

  • You know I was going to say it was just another anime game – but then I realized we don’t have many shooters like the old Virtua Cop or Time Crises on PC so I can absolutely understand why a good funny ridiculous rail shooter might make sales.

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