GOG Will Give You DRM-Free Versions Of Your Games On Steam

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They've done this before, now they're doing it again. GOG has just posted a list of existing Steam games. If you head over to GOG.com and link up your Steam account, you'll get yourself a DRM free copy of the following games...

AI War: Fleet Command Anno 1404: Gold Edition Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Cossacks Anthology Dex Hot Tin Roof: the cat that wore a fedora Hotline Miami The Last Federation Olli Olli Shadow Warrior 2013 Teslagrad The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut The Masterplan Two Worlds Epic Edition X: Gold X: Rebirth Ziggurat

There is one catch — you only have six days to do it. So get cracking.


    So as long as you already own them, they'll give you another copy.....what a deal!

    https://www.gog.com/connect in particular, which is where you should go even if you have previously set up the link between them.

    I'm not sure this is the best approach for GOG... this just gives me more reason to buy it on Steam :\.

      Their thinking might be along the lines of getting Steam users to build up a critical mass of games on GOG, so that in future they may choose to purchase there instead. Rather than the old "all my games are on Steam, so I will only buy there."

        Problem is (at least in the past) I still get better support, updates, server browsers etc on Steam.

        I was pretty annoyed when I bought Knights of the Old Republic on GOG and literally 2 days later Steam released the HD remastered version.

          There's never been a HD remastered version of KOTOR....

            Well not a full remake but a tech update I guess

            I got widescreen and 4K support. Controller support etc...

      Gets a huge email list of gamers to spam.

    I'm still waiting for a discount on Baldur's Gate

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