Good Morning, Here's Link BBQ'ing Some Chilli

Image: Twitter/Nintendo UK

Turns out, sauteed peppers are great for fighting the cold.

You know how some developers are a bit worried about sending the hype train into overdrive? Nintendo isn't. They're continuing to drip feed bits and pieces of the new Legend of Zelda over Twitter ... and it still looks great.

Latest bit today: cooking sauteed peppers and mushrooms. And steak. And a lizard.

Watching this footage now is reminding me of all the cool things I could be doing ... on the train. That's where the NX seems primed to go, after all: a console that you can play at home that is detachable and portable enough to play on the go.

Legend of Zelda. Cooking on the train. I'm ready for this.


    that headline....

    edit: oh it's fixed, but not in the URL!

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    The way he holds that torch at the start, looks like he's off something like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here or Survivor.

    I'd play that.

    My Nanna once roasted some chillies that caramelised so well, they turned out awesome. Should try that again sometime.

      A really good Japanese snack is pan fried shishito peppers, with sesame oil and salt.

      They look like a cross between a jalapeno and a green chili, but a generally as mild as a green capsicum (although you get the odd hot one).

      Pretty sure we grow them locally on the eastern coast, as we used to get them at this time every year when I was cheffing at Sake.

        Yeah pretty sure a dude up at Maleny grows them. They are fucking delicious.

    I hope this Zelda still has distinct temples and areas, it all looks a bit samey. I know there's a snow area but something about them all looks too similar.

      If you watch the E3 trailet they show distinct snow, fire (death mountain?), sand and grassed/mountain areas.

      It looka all the same as Nintendo are only showing off the starting area which is huge but focuser on grasslands and snow.

        I should probably watch some more but I have seen a lot of footage, aren't the mini dungeon temples all the same? With blue neon bullshit everywhere? I want the actual temples to be different with no space writing

    All this is doing is making me want it more.
    2017 can't come soon enough.

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