Hearthstone's Welcome Bundle: $6.49 For 10 Packs And A Legendary

Image: Blizzard

With the introduction the "Hearthstone Welcome Bundle", Blizzard may tempt quite a few dedicated "free" players to spend a few dollars on its digital CCG. The offer, which costs $6.49 in local coins, provides 10 Classic packs and a guaranteed legendary card from the same set.

The once-off purchase isn't just for new players — anyone can take advantage of it via the game's in-app purchase — though it's most beneficial to those that don't have any Classic legendary cards, as the risk of getting a duplicate is less.

It goes without saying if you do want to buy it and you're on an Apple device, do so via the PC client instead to avoid Apple's mark-up, which increases the cost to $7.99.

For those who do have minimal Classic collections, the bundle is excellent value. The closest comparison in terms of bang for your buck is the seven-pack option, which is $12.99. The next level up is 15 packs at $24.99, so to get 10 and a legendary for less than $7 is pretty good.

Hearthstone Welcome Bundle [Battle.net]


    Are classic cards still in standard play, or wild play only, or does that only apply to the expansion sets?

      Only the non-classic sets are removed after two years. The classic set is designed to remain the core set of cards for the life of the game, with rebalancing as required.

    Did exceptionally well with my purchase. Got Grommash Hellscream as the gimmie and two more non-class legendaries in the 10-pack. Wondering if I can get multiple welcome packs... turns out no :(

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