Here Is 7 Minutes Of Battlezone Gameplay For The PlayStation VR

1998's Battlezone was just the best. You don't have to take it from me — there's a redux version of the game on Steam, released earlier this year, that updates the title for modern systems. But I digress. We're here to look at the new Battlezone, developed by Rebellion for the PlayStation VR, which is clearly aimed at a different audience.

That said, the Battlezone of 1998 wasn't exactly targeted at fans of the first Battlezone from 1980. Going by the solid colours and arcade vibe of the franchise's latest iteration, things are clearly swinging back to the retro end of the scale.

The PSVR Battlezone isn't a complete departure however. It'll have co-op, though rather than facing off against other players, you'll instead tackle the ominous "Corporation" with yourself and up to four friends.

It features a campaign, though the map will be "procedurally-generated", so there's the promise of replayability. And your tank, the "Cobra", can be customised and upgraded to your needs and playstyle.

Sadly, if you've been hanging out for a more faithful reboot (well, to the 1998 game at least), I'm not sure this will scratch that itch. But otherwise it looks very slick.

Battlezone — 101 Co-op and Gameplay Trailer | PS VR [YouTube, via The Awesomer]


    VR's got me thinking, surely a Steel Battalion game would work well with PS Move and Vive?

    Can't wait for this, looks right up my alley.

    hmmm, this could flip me over the edge to get the headset.

    This is in my list along with Batman Arkham VR and Robinson.

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