Here’s Another Reminder Of What Battlefront 3 Could Have Been

Here’s Another Reminder Of What Battlefront 3 Could Have Been

And if you needed another reminder of where the Battlefront series could have gone, here’s some footage of the abandoned project’s training mission.

The frame rate is fairly trash — around 20fps for the most part, which you’d expect for an unfinished, unoptimised segment of gameplay — and there’s plenty of placeholder assets, sounds, text and a general lack of refinement.

But what’s fascinating, and what gamers will really get upset over, is just how ambitious Free Radical’s project was. The training mission alone sees the player launch from a star destroyer, engage in a bit of basic space combat, before flying down to a planet, touching down and then roaming around on a speeder bike.

Files for the abandoned Battlefront sequel apparently leaked online earlier this year, although you needed a developer or test Xbox 360 to get it working. This footage is much newer than the earlier Xbox 360 build, however, and it’s also running on PC.

The fact that it’s running on PC gives me a little bit of hope that it might find its way onto the internet eventually, ala Warcraft Adventures. It’d be cool to see this get in the hands of modders so it could be finally finished — although knowing Disney, I can’t imagine they’d allow the project to remain online for too long.

That said, the Galaxy in Turmoil fan project has been continuing apace. It was originally pitched as a fan-made Battlefront 3, but a cease and desist from LucasArts quickly forced the developers to pivot away from the Star Wars universe entirely. It’ll still be a Battlefront-inspired game, of course, but it won’t have any association with the franchise that inspired it.


      • Yeah, and that was ok but we also had a Battlefront game with that stuff already centered on. I’m glad they moved on from it tbh. Not that the new one was anything particularly deep or brilliant. I look forward to post OT battlefront content set in the Ep7 timeframe though with Kylo Rens superpower of Tantrum!

          • I’m ok with that. KOTOR showed the best games come from better eras anyhow. Set one in the Mandalorian wars, play as a Mandalorian warrior and take it from there and *DONT BE A JEDI* for once 😀

          • Is that even an option? Who says no to Force Powers?

            I do think there is a lot that could be done with Star Wars, there are plenty of settings that are available, maybe a GTA style where you play as a Rebel Cell between Episode 3 & 4, sabotaging the Empire and fighting with the criminal scum. You don’t even need to use named characters. It’s not like Vadar would personally turn up to hunt you down when you aren’t Force Sensitive. Admittedly all those Governors failing to find you may get Force Choked at the big meetings.

            You pick a place that isn’t Tatooine, but produces things for the Empire. Speeder Racing, Cargo Jacking, breaking out Political Prisoners, Pod Racing.

            Heck I’d love a new Pod Racer.

          • Heh all those sound like a great idea. I just love the idea of being a non force user going up even against force users, being the underdog as such 🙂

            “Make Jedis great again!”

          • Oh here we go, the normies getting all jelly of us Jedi…

            Oh boo hoo, we have to fight huge fleet battles, taking out essential strategic targets and incurring massive losses to achieve lasting and practical results, waaaah!

            Do you know how hard it is to board an enemy ship, shove around the remaining low level droids and foot soldiers before fighting one guy in a hugely elaborate battle that steals most of the screen time?!
            Last time I tore my robe on a door!!

          • I’m gonna build a wall around your temple and make all the Jedi pay for it…

            As for the low level troops… THEY HAVE FAMILIES YOU BASTARDS!

          • As much as I loved star wars, I’ve always never really liked the movies at all. They’re all terrible. The universe, however, is fantastic, which is why I always really enjoyed the games which I feel had a lot more depth to them.

            My own opinions on movie quality aside, it does seem that since the takeover from Disney all efforts are focused on continuing to cash in on the movies. It bothers me to no end.

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