And Here's Homer Simpson Poking Fun At Australia

Image: Youtube / Sydney Opera House

And for something else to jazz up your Thursday: Homer Simpson having a crack at Australia while standing in front of the Opera House.

The skit is part of a promotion for the GRAPHIC Festival next month, where Simpsons creator Matt Groening will chat with Eisner Hall of Famer Lynda Barry about their time and thoughts on the world of comics, animation and illustration.

Groening and Barry's show doesn't kick off until November 5. But you can watch the minute-long skit with Simpson, the Opera House and the Sydney Seal below.

One thing that weirds me out though: I'm not used to the Simpsons looking quite so ... sharp. Good thing Youtube lets you watch something in 240p. And if you're interested in seeing Matt Groening live, tickets for the show can be found here along with the rest of this year's GRAPHIC festival.


    Simpsons have looked sharp ever since their movie came out and they moved from hand drawn cells to computer animated. Thats what a decade plus?

      The movie is probably about the last time I watched any Simpsons, so it's weird to me too :P

        lol. I drop in and out of it. Track down the episode "Barthood". Phenomenal how good it is. Feels out of place in its quality in the later seasons thats for sure.

      Late 2002 (the season 14 premier) was when they made the permanent move to digital ink and paint. However, "radioactive man" in 1995 was an experiment with digital colouring, and "tennis the menace" in season 12 was a test of digital ink and paint.

      So yeah, the shows been digital for almost as long as it was made with physical media.

        Nice, I did hear once it was only a couple of the first few seasons that were genuinely done by hand?

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