Here's More Footage Of Zelda Looking Amazing

Image: Nintendo

The combat. The effects. The physics.


As Nintendo has been doing over the last week or so, they've been drip feeding bits and pieces of information about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Earlier this morning, Nintendo of America tweeted out footage of a paraglider. And there's more combat, too.

I was talking to Mark and he made a great point about just how malleable this new Zelda is. That's not what Zelda games do. They're not supposed to be this ... fluid. Or alive.

Well, certainly not like this.

Christ this game is looking special.


    They're building my hype too early, it's still too far away.

    I'm not hyped......I'm actually going to be quite critical depending on how much this 'it's all new, trust us!' hyperbole actually shakes out.

    I love the 3D Zeldas, I like the 2D ones. I don't subscribe to the school of 'Dark Souls/etc is the Zelda killer etc etc' - it wasn't broke it didn't need fixing.

    However, I also trust Nintendo, what we're seeing is definitely very interesting if nothing else. I guess you can say I have very high expectations for Zelda that I don't place upon other games pre-release.

    I'm also an ardent proponent of Wii U and what's it managed to accomplish. I'm sure this won't be the last game I buy for mine, but I'm definitely making sure I do buy it.

      Yooka laylee is on the way too. Around the same time I think.

        Hadn't heard of that, thanks for putting it on my radar!

          If you were a Nintendo guy back in the N64 days you should be excited!

    Too late Nintendo.

    Bought the Wii U in 2012 mainly for Zelda.

    2016 - Wii U has been collecting dust since - can't really be bothered to sell it either lol.
    Not even keen anymore. .

    Too late Nintendo, too late.

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