Here's Some Mass Effect: Andromeda Footage

Image: Kotaku

At the PlayStation Meeting in New York early this morning, we finally got to see what Mass Effect: Andromeda actually looks like in the flesh.

The footage was shown off on the PS4 Pro, although unless you're there in person you'll still be dealing with the artifacing and compression that YouTube likes to do to its video.

Nonetheless, it's nice to actually see Andromeda outside of a cutscene or cinematic. We still haven't seen what the core loop of the game is like yet, but then again there's still plenty of time between now and the end of the first quarter next year.



    Also Bioware is just a selling pitch, the original team all left it's now just another EA brand they'll use until its in the ground like every other studio they acquire.

    Now let's part with that old EA saying "Get the fuck out of my office"

      Honestly. Bioware does plenty of the fucking up without EA contributing

    One of the few games I'm perfectly happy to get on the hype train about. ME3 is probably the 2nd best game I've played (just behind Witcher 3). Both these games had huge flaws that I fully understand people hated for good reason, but something about their whole aesthetic meant I couldn't get enough of them.

    Erm... I'm getting a bit of a Halo vibe from the environmental design... This may just be the aesthetic of this particular stage, but I really liked the look and feel of the other ME games. Maybe... Maybe Andromeda is where Bungie lives?... O_o

      Looks similar to Collector architecture.

    really looking forward to this. the ME series is easily one of my favourites of all time, flaws and all, same as Assassin's Creeds 1,2(and its sequels),3 and Unity (i actually am struggling to finish blag flag, the shipping bores me, but i understand its the best part for most people).
    i have always liked Biowares games, because they capture me and i get lost in the worlds. if this plays like an enhanced ME3 ill be more than happy.

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