Here's The Australian Pricing For The PlayStation 4 Pro

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This morning Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro. Now we know the Australian pricing and release date.

The price is $559.95 Australian. Which is probably around what you might expect considering the exchange rate, GST and shipping.

The release date is also good news: we're getting it on the same day as the US, November 10. I'm guessing this is pretty much a global, worldwide release for Sony.

So good news all up.

Who's upgrading?


    nice and all but I think I will pass. This midlife slight upgrade doesn't sit well with me.

      Because you can relate? ;)

        *looks at PS4*

        *looks at new pc with 1070 card, 16gb ram and all the bells and whistles*

        I think I'm good ;)

          Despite having a decent PC and a couple of Macs, I still end up spending more "entertainment time" on the PS4. This makes me want one. They are two different things to me.

            I've gone the opposite way in more recent times. I've got a standard ps4 I won on here, we play it a little, my kid plays it the most but most of my gaming is spent on the pc. Tbh I can't see the point in one of these with the current ps4 and my pc. It feels more like a better option for those who don't have one. I really woulda felt otherwise I think if they had've put the 4kBD drive in there.

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              I can understand. PC reminds me of work (I also mess with it a little too much and it's not always in a ready to go state), which is probably the best reason for my situation.

              UHD Blu-ray support would have been nice, but I doubt I will use that since I've not used a standard Bluray in quite a while, except for the game disks.

              If one day, when they are no longer exclusive games, then I'll be saying bb to console but until then, will have all the consoles.

              Already got PC + Oculus Rift but still gonna get PS4 Pro and Playstation VR

                Yep. My PS2 and PS3 purchases were both linked to the release of Final Fantasy games. Come November i suspect this will be too.

              Hear hear regarding the 4kBD. I was pretty disappointed to find that it doesn't have one. Figured with all of the fluff about it being THE console for 4k entertainment they would at least include this feature.

              it has no statement of not having 4k BD in there video and they gave no specs

    Not at that price that close to Christmas, I don't think. (Not that I think it's necessarily unreasonably expensive but that is a lot of money to shell out on a console that I just don't need right now on account of not having a 4K tv, for example.)

    Edit: Forgot to say, my current PS4 does everything that I need it to do right now so until that changes I probably won't.

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    Hrmmm about the same price XBone S? It really should be cheaper, considering it doesn't do UltraHD Blu-Ray...

      The GPU is twice as fast, and the CPU is faster, so I can't see why they would price it cheaper than the Xbone-S

        Because it doesn't contain a $500 4K bluray player, that's why.

    I'm disappointed that there's no UHD blu ray drive (I do have a 65" 4K, HDR to waiting for them) but still going to get one.

      They'll release that as a peripheral or in next year's model - Playstation 4 Pro HD.

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    Yeah sure, who knows i might finish bloodborne if this one helps it hold a decent framerate.

    Nope. I have a PS4. Stuff works pretty well on it.

    If we were to reach a point where the new games on PS4 Pro ran normally and they ran like garbage on the PS4 'Classic'... well that would be a sad day.

    (Also... NX next year!)

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    Noooooo thank you. Happy with my current PS4. I took the plunge and upgraded my X1 to the S. That also wasn't necessary upgrade.

    I was planning to but I'm not so sure now.

    While the specs indicate a BluRay drive, it doesn't indicate if it is dual-layer only or if it can read a tri-layer disk increasing the chance of 4K movie playback.

    Has there been any confirmation on the Pro playing 4K BluRays?

      Apparently not

        Well, that's a deal breaker for me. Pity, there was a lot of promise with this refresh.

      Same for me. I had every intention to buy the Neo if it offered similar promises as the Xbone Scorpio, but I'm just not sure its really worth it now :\

        I am on the fence. I would love an upgrade as I like to just mellow out on the couch with the PS4, and improved performance in some old favourites is certainly welcome. But I was aiming for the 4K bluray playback as well - instead of buying a player it would've been great if the PS4 Pro could serve both purposes. Pretty major drawback for me.

    That's...actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Disappointed about the lack of an UHD Blu Ray drive, but I'll probably pick one up and trade in my OG PS4.

    But I'm a materialistic contributor to Hyper consumerism, so hey.

    It's not bad, but not great either. For current ps4 owners, there's really no reason to change to the Pro. Probably gonna wait for my ps4 to go out before buying the new one.

    I might be in the market for a 4K TV so this is tempting, but not so close to buying a PSVR as well so I might hold off and wait for a better deal before upgrading the console.

    Lack of 4K Blu Ray movies seems a bit dim though.

    That's about the price I thought. I'll be picking one up for sure. Disappointed about no UHD Blu-Ray, but more from a product perspective, as my 1080p Sony LED TV is still going very strong.

      My Bravia has been going strong for 5 years now, not so much as a dead pixel. Damn quality is preventing me from getting a new toy :(

        New toys are great, but I'm happy to wait. Until a 65" OLED 4K HDR TV is at a reasonable price there's not much to upgrade too. Sure an ALDI 4K TV is cheap but you're going to get better image quality on a good 1080p than a cheap 4K.

          What are they priced at, at the moment? OLED's that is....?

            For what I mentioned about, about $6-8K

            I bought a 55" Lg 4K OLED set me back funnily enough 4K

          Yeah. 4K isn't really what it's hyped up to be, unless you go for huge screens. It's a total waste on small monitors.
          I've got myself a 55" 4K TV and can barely tell the difference from 1.5m away.

    Yeah I'm not sure, I guess I'll put money aside and pick it up in a bundle at some stage.

    No UHD Blu Ray is a massive failure. Many people with 4K TVs were expecting this. I know a few.
    Even the Xbox One S has one!

    4K is 4x pixels of 1080p. PS4 Pro has ~2x GPU power of PSU, not 4x. Ergo, 4K gaming will be in worse graphical quality than currently, or it's super likely they will just 1080p render (or little higher) and upscale.

    I didn't even think about the 4K bluray player - I just assumed that it was in there. Holy shit, it's not, and this is a critical mis-step. There's no more console releases coming for PS4 until the next gen, they dun goofed.

    Edit: PS4 slim rough guess is $390AUD (so $399) based on exchange rates. Xbone S is $399, including $550 4K player and 4K support. Sony has completely dropped the ball.

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      I imagine it's some fancy up-scaling tech. The internal rendering resolution might be higher than 1080 (2.5k perhaps?) and then up-scales to a 4k output. The PC scene has proven how much raw GPU power you need to run games at 4k with a decent frame rate.

        According to the EB Games page for the Pro, you're right - it's upscaled. They're using the phrase "4K quality" rather than directly stating "4K".


        To be even more precise, Sony's own internal docs suggest a target resolution of 2560x1440p, then upscaled to 4K.

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      Sony will now find itself in the position that MS found themselves in last generation (eventually they will, it's already happening with Blurays being filled completely, Gears4 for example being 80gb).

      Balls have been dropped on both sides, but this, this is a huge fumble in Sony's case, a devastating one infact for the console.

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        Candidate for hyperbole award of the day

          Not at all. When you've got two consoles going head to head and the defining factor is storage, which has already been maxed out in its current form by games, it is indeed a major blow. It pays to research rather than accuse of hyperbole. Games are averaging 40 - 50gb with 100gb expected by mid next year with newer games. Even games such as Ark are hitting 60gb and they're alpha. We're heading straight back into multiple disc territory, a territory noone wants to be in.

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            This comment is pure hyperbole:

            Balls have been dropped on both sides, but this, this is a huge fumble in Sony's case, a devastating one infact for the console.

            Balls dropped?? Huge Fumble?? Devastating?? You trying to get a job with Kotaku using adjectives like that? The average Joe who buy FIFA and COD isn't going to give a shit that 1TB isn't enough - when it will be for them. More than enough for them. And I'm pretty sure people who delete games to make room for other games because they've maxed out there storage space are still more the exception than the norm

      So what are PlayStation Pro games going to look like on my old(ish) TV? I don't think my TV can do more than 1080 (interlaced), so will it look any better? It seems like there's little point in buy a PRO unless you have a decent TV, but then I don't really understand upscaling and I have never actually seen anything run higher than 1080p.

        PS4Pro @ 1080p will result in better graphics as compared to PS4. They mentioned it in some articles here. Think more grass, lush landscapes, more things on the screen, better explosions etc.

          Only as long as the game has this tier of better graphics programmed into it. Cannot believe we are at tiers of this with consoles again (n64 ram cart days)

    Lack of 4K Blu Ray is bizarre. Can they put that in later with a firmware update? Or is it a hardware limitation?

      It's a different physical bluray player hardware.

      Hardware; the drive needs to be able to read a tri-layer disk. Looks like this one can only read up to a dual layer.

    Maybe after I get a new 4k HDR TV, but not now. Already shelling out >$500 on PSVR next month, so this can wait.

    I still have my PS3 so I was interested in what the PS4 Pro would bring but the lack of 4k blu-ray playback has put me off. I don't want to have to have a PS4 and a 4k blu-ray player. To many things already around my TV.

    Not me, but this is great for first time buyers in time for Christmas

    Doesn't seem like a significant enough upgrade for the price. I still don't have a 4k anything yet, and unless it actually offers tangible performance benefits I'm not particularly interested.

    I don't have a PS4 yet, so I'll probably get one. Not for 4k though, more for framerate/visual improvements for PSVR.
    Also, do we have an Australian price and release date for the PS4 Slim?

    I'm definitely getting one, but not at this price. I'll probably jump as soon as it gets around $400.

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