Here's The First 20 Minutes From Gears Of War 4

Image: Youtube / Gears of War 4

If you wanted to get a sense of how the new Gears of War plays out, here's the first 20 minutes to get you started.

As any good Gears of War game should, the gameplay kicks off fairly quickly — within the first couple of minutes. The opening level is almost a little akin to a Gears take on Omaha beach, charging a gun emplacement, and blowing it up with a grenade before raiding a military complex.

The environment changes after 10 minutes and the gunplay looks about as competent as you'd expect. From all appearances, Gears 4 looks like a faithful Gears game.

Pretty much what I was expecting. Gears 4 is out on October 7 for PC and Xbox One.


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