Indie Studio Making Its Own Titanfall

Ascend is what happens when a small team plays Titanfall, likes what they see then decide to go and (try) make something better.

It's a sci-fi multiplayer shooter, you can run on the walls and you can call down a mech (well, an exo-suit here) to climb into and really wreck some shit. So far so Titanfall.

The difference here is that there's a lot more attention being paid to the on-foot parkour stuff, with not just wall-running present but all kinds of additional tools and combos available, like a hook which lets you swing around like a gun-toting Spider-Man.

What's there looks cool! What's there isn't that much right now, though, with the game having a projected release of 2018, and only having just turned up on Steam's Greenlight.


    This'll be great.... right up to the cease and desist!

      I don't know if a C&D will happen. They're using Exo-suits instead of giant titan mechs. Sure it's similar, but the difference is enough for a C&D to not hold up.

      Disregard. I just saw the video. C&D Inbound.

      Last edited 19/09/16 12:05 pm

    Looks exactly the same a TF2 at the moment. How they intend to make it better is yet to be seen.

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