Journey, Lords Of The Fallen Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For September

Journey, Lords Of The Fallen Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For September

If you haven’t played Journey yet, now’s your chance to get it for PS3 and PS4 through PlayStation Plus’ September lineup. Remember, though Sony advertises these games as “free”, an active PlayStation Plus subscription is required to download and play the games featured here.

Here’s the lineup for September:

Playstation 4

  • Lords of the Fallen
  • Journey
  • Badland

Playstation 3

  • Journey
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
  • Datura
  • Badland

Playstation Vita

  • Badland
  • Amnesia: Memories


  • Lords of the Fallen was a “free” game for Xbox Games with Gold a few months back and free is definitely the right price for it.

    Journey more than makes up for it though.

      • I’m being harsh. It’s pitched as a Dark Souls-esque sort of game and I was never a fan of Dark Souls to begin with. But it just doesn’t have the same intrigue or appeal. I tried it briefly and was honestly a bit bored with it. Maybe it just gets off to a slow start.

        It didn’t hold my interest and for that reason I’m glad I didn’t pay money for it.

      • I disagree with that assessment, I paid for Lords Of The Fallen and loved it. It’s like a more arcadey Dark Souls. For me personally, that’s right up my alley. It’s not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine Darksiders fused with Dark Souls.

  • D’oh. Already have LotF and Journey. Not interested in Datura (looks too creepy). Badland might be interesting but looks pretty generic. Not really into Prince of Persia. Oh well, looks like Amnesia: Memories for me, even though it’s otome.

    • *facepalm*

      Yeah. I bought Journey when it was on a super special sale a couple months back and hadn’t installed it yet. So… that was money well-spent.

      I actually enjoyed LotF, but it started to unravel towards the end. Still haven’t finished it. But at least it being on PS+ means that I can install it to the hard disk and not swap out my game disc.

  • Sony finally picking up their game a little bit. I’ve 100% completed Journey on PS3 and PS4 but for the uninitiated, its a fantastic game.

    I borrowed Lords of the Fallen from a friend a while ago but then Bloodborne came out so I didn’t get very far. It’ll give me something to play between now and October 25 🙂

    • I’m a dark souls fan and I loved Lords of the Fallen.

      It’s different to Dark Souls so I wouldn’t go in expecting Dark Souls. The combat feels different and the game gets less challenging later on but still worth a play. When I first played it I expected Dark Souls and I didn’t enjoy it so much. A few weeks later I came back to it and tried a different play style and enjoyed it more.

      The combat is less reactive than Dark Souls and more planned. You go in to a fight with an intention. You can put on light armour and play a more reactive style but I found it more fun to put on heavy armour with a big hammer and time the hits right so you still take a bit of damage but they take more.

      Managing your spells is important as well as you need to know what spells to use in certain situations.

      • Hm, I might give it a burl. I don’t think the combat system will disappoint me as much as the story or the lore, which is what I love souls for. It probably isn’t fair to compare it to souls but I’m pretty sure the developer’s did at some point.

        • The story and lore in LOTF is ok and gets pretty interesting later on in the game, but the actors can get on your nerves. It’s like they all have parkinson’s disease. Really bad MoCap which is odd ’cause the gameplay and combat MoCap is excellent.

        • Also, the way that they handle experience/souls/currency is pretty interesting.

          As you fight and gain exp, you also gain a multiplier to your exp gained. If you stop and rest at a shard (think bonfire – where you can spend exp on stat points and restore health), you lose your multiplier.

          The more enemies you fight without hitting a save point/shard (think Bonfire), the higher the exp-multiplier you get is, so there’s this really interesting risk vs reward gamble element to the game as a result.

    • If you compare it to Dark Souls you will be left wanting…

      Edit: Of course I say this about most games with sword combat since Dark Souls released. It’s ruined lots of games for me because I always think “I can roll out of the way of this telegraphed attack” or “Pffft, I can parry this usually”.

      I played Witcher after Dark Souls and it was two thumbs down to combat.

    • It’s quite a fun game; shorter than DS and easier than DS, but still Soulslike; beautiful art, terrible voice acting, lol.

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