Koei Tecmo Takes All The Characters They Have And Drops Them Into A Dynasty Warriors Game

Koei Tecmo Takes All The Characters They Have And Drops Them Into A Dynasty Warriors Game
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After tossing together several successful all-star Dynasty Warriors-type games based on other people’s properties like Dragon Quest Heroes and Hyrule Warriors, Tecmo Koei gives its own famous characters a shot a killing many things at the same time in Musuo Stars.

The last time Koei Tecmo let their characters out to play in such a fashion was in 2011’s Warriors Orochi 3, which expanded the company’s Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors crossover to include characters from its other properties. Since then developer Omega Force has been busy pumping out more official Warriors titles and third-part/licensed titles. Now it’s time to get the band back together.

We have characters from Ninja Gaiden, Toukiden, Atelier Sophie and Dead or Alive, all looking exactly as they do in their respective titles, only doing different things, and that’s just fine. Expect plenty more where those came from, as it is still early days.

Musuo Stars is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan next year. Then I’m sure we’ll get it, because Koei Tecmo loves the West pretty hard.


  • Hope it’s a great platform for DLC’s, imaging having a huge cast with many different maps/missions etc.

    Has it changed much? The last one I played had Gundam in it I think? I’ve been meaning to play one again for a long time

    • PC versions have generally been pretty bad ports.

      I still stare at the copy of Samurai Warriors 4-2 in my steam list and get mad.

      • I haven’t had any problems with SW4-2 myself, I think it’s actually one of the better ports they’ve done. If we’re talking bad ports I’d be thinking of things like Bladestorm or Toukiden.

        • Haven’t played either of them, so I can’t compare. But I was pretty unhappy with it.

          The PC menus look and control like they were made by an intern, the FOV makes me want to projectile vomit, and it looks much worse than the PS4 version on highest settings (it’s PS3 everything except for the character models, which are PS4 and the draw distance max seems to be the PS4 max instead of PS3).
          Tutorials don’t have the right button prompts if you play on a gamepad and the game just pretends the mouse doesn’t exist if you play on keyboard.
          On top of all of that, they’ve hidden all of the game files into these huge packs that require a hacky unpacker to access and then you need to hex edit the damn things just to do things like change FOV.
          Oh and no English voices. That’s the worst crime, but it’s on all versions.

          But honestly, I agree that it still rates as pretty good compared to some PC ports.

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