LEGO Dimensions Year Two Starts Now

LEGO Dimensions Year Two Starts Now

After four months of not having to buy anything, LEGO Dimensions players suddenly have a whole new wave of friends to add to their collection. The new Ghostbusters, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, The A-Team and Harry Potter packs make their Dimensions debut today.

The 2016 Ghostbusters movie scores the game’s first Story Pack, a $79.95 box that’s basically the entire movie in LEGO game form. Story Packs come with their own buildable LEGO Dimensions base, replacing the original that came with last year’s Starter Pack.

As with the previous releases, each new property coming to LEGO Dimensions also gets its own free-roaming adventure level. This year those levels also come with Battle Arenas, special areas where up to four local players can participate in games of Capture the Flag; Objective; Base Bash and Tick, Tag, Boom! Each property’s Battle Arena features unique traps and powers — basically each new property gets its own multiplayer map.

So that’s $79.95 out of the way. At the $49.95 level we have Level Packs for Adventure Time and Mission Impossible. These packs come with a character (Finn and Ethan Hunt) and two accessories, while in game they unlock both the free-roaming adventure level and a themed story mission.

Then we have the $39.95 Team Packs, featuring two characters and two accessories each. There are two of these in wave seven, Harry Potter featuring Harry and Voldemort (some team) and Adventure Time with Jake and Lumpy Space Princess. As with any minifigs from new properties, these also unlock the adventure levels and Battle Arenas.

And finally we have one $24.95 Fun Pack this time around, featuring B.A. Baracus and the A-Team van. The van can be rebuilt into a plane, which should be a problem for him.

Let’s see, doing the maths, not including a new PS4 Starter Pack for folks wanting that exclusive Supergirl, LEGO Dimensions players have around $285 worth of new LEGO stuff to pick up today. Keep an eye out for sales.

I’ll be playing around with the new stuff later today, so keep an eye out for more. There will never stop being more.


  • How long before the year 1 packs start disappearing (or have they done so already?) I’m considering picking up a starter pack for Christmas, and while I don’t really care about a lot of the packs that are out there (no interest in Scooby Doo or Ninjago for instance), I’m wondering if some of them are/will be hard to find by then.

  • hmm interesting iv always like the look of lego dimensions and with the fact that they come with actual lego setting them up as better than disney infinity etc but they do carry the usual lego heavy price tag. One question though how long is the ghostbusters pack ie is it almost like buying a separate lego game ie one of the million games released such as lego star wars. or is it only like one or 2 levels and so only take a couple of hours for the price

    • Six levels per story pack. I spent about 1.5 hours in the first level (and then stopped playing for awhile), so I feel like it should get about 9 hours without collecting everything (but collecting a lot, if that makes sense).

  • Be nice if we could access the Add On Content downloads on PS4 in Australia. Wasted a fair cash on the new characters to only find out we may not even be able to play the Year 2 worlds etc.

  • Jake and LSP made my day. Marvel and Star Wars would be the killer add-ons but the Adventure Time stuff has made Dimensions number one toys-to-life for me. The dialogue, the comedy, the new abilities, it really suits the franchise (both Lego, and TT Lego games).

    As for price I compare it to a cinema release, $18 (ticket) + $12 (pop corn & Drink) = $30 for 2 hours of entertainment.
    Then a team pack ($32) needs to give me roughly the same hours of fun. So far in dimensions 2015 each team pack was more. Especially the Jurassic World and Scooby Do packs that were the only packs that could unlock the free roaming worlds. Plus I usually get 15 – 20mins of Lego building before being able to use the vehicles.

  • So that’s why I can’t get the additional content! Thanks. It was driving me nuts. Do you if/when it’s going to be available? Pretty crap we can buy the Lego packs for nothing 🙁

  • I bought my son the A team B.A. Baracus on the weekend, put the disc into the ps4 did a massive update but we cant get him to work. All the new portals are there but my son says they are supposed to turn blue and suck the character in or something but nothing happens he just walks straight through it. Is there something we are not doing right.

  • So after numerous calls to WB games, and a few emails as well – WB Games last night confirmed an issue affecting a large number of users in Australia (and some in USA) which is preventing the new DLC’s from being able to be downloaded. Developers are currently working on the issue with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as it affects all platforms. At this stage no ETA on a resolution.

    • Thank you for detailing the issue. I’ve been trying on/off for a week and couldn’t find anything on the net detailing the issue as a bug. Thank you for reporting on gaming news 🙂

      Luckily I still have wave 3 to 5 packs I haven’t opened to get me through the wait. I must be unique but I’ve been playing for 20+ hours with my partner, haven’t finished the game, haven’t visited all the unlock-able worlds haven’t collected everything and still have characters and figures to open and build. Suffice to say I’m getting my monies worth out of it 🙂

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