Looks Like NVIDIA's Making A GeForce GTX 1050

Image: Kotaku

It's been a fun year if you're in the market for a new graphics card. But there's been a clear divide between the two main manufacturers this year. AMD has been chasing people who want to spend under $500 for a new card, while NVIDIA has been squarely aiming at the higher end of the market.

But NVIDIA was never going to let AMD have the bottom end of the market to themselves. And that's become increasingly obvious today, with information leaking out about a GeForce GTX 1050.

The first information available has come courtesy of BenchLife, which posted a GPU-Z screenshot of the GTX 1050 in action. It's a 4GB card compared to the 6GB you get with the GTX 1060, with base and boost clock speeds of 1316 MHz and 1380 MHz respectively.

Image: Benchlife.info

It's not known whether BenchLife got their hands on a reference model of the card, or a Founders Edition model that NVIDIA has been pushing out this year. It does fill in some gaps.

Given that NVIDIA has also unveiled 3GB and 6GB models of the GTX 1060, it wouldn't be surprising if 2GB and 4GB versions of the GTX 1050 were available. Either way, we'll probably see more about this before the year comes to a close — and it'll be intriguing to see how the card fares against AMD's RX 460.


    *Pats new GTX Turbo 970 bought in December*

    This is hilarious. I was told over and over not to upgrade until 2016, the new hotness was just around the corner. I didn't listen, I am fine with being just under the cutting edge.

    Not interesting in seeing the PC space end up like the console wars, but to each their own.

      The low end got significant upgrades using the same Power levels. For example a gtx 1060 is a 200% upgrade to a 960 for the same Power consumption.

        using the same Power levels

        Did you use a scouter to determine their power levels?

          I hook the gpu directly up to my scouter then look at gohan to power it.

    The RX460 is disappointing and significantly less powerful than the RX470 (hence the massive price gap). I think Nvdia could do really well here with a 1050. The 3GB 1060 model can be had for a little over $300 and performs just as well if not better than a RX480 and only 5% slower than its 6GB brother. If they squeeze this card in to the $200-$250 price bracket it could be a really viable option for a lot of budget gamers.

      lol are you seriously saying a 120 to 130 card is a disappointment??? The card was made to play esports titles like rocket league, cs go , and overwatch.. it isnt a mainstream card it is a budget card.... And the rx480 is going punch for punch with the 1060 and performing better in newer vulkan and dx12.

    i like how game dev make game that cant be played on top end cards, then AAA games can be played on cards made in 2008, the only reson to upgrade is power (TDP) and only if uses less of it.

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