Mario Sports Superstars Is All The Mario Sports

Mario Sports Superstars Is All The Mario Sports

Mario's starred in a lot of sports games over the years — soccer, baseball, tennis and golf. Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS combines all four and adds some horse racing to the mix when it launches in autumn 2017. According to the Nintendo Direct, these are five full games, playable both offline and online with friends in tournament mode, and not just a series of mini-games. Sounds like a whole lot of sports in a very small space. Can't wait.


    it's a great idea to put all the sports into one game instead of separating the games into standalones, but they should of added Super Mario Strikers into the game, all remastered to have new characters included ... mainly Rosalina! such a good game

      Strikers is my favourite soccer game of all time, and I grew up in the UK playing kickoff and sensible soccer!

        they really need to bring it back!

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