Meet Kpop's Answer To Chun-Li

This is Cheng Xiao. She is a member of Kpop group Cosmic Girls, and for the past few months, she's been either doing her hair up like Chun-Li or, more recently, even cosplaying as the character like she did on Korean TV.

[GIF via 우주소녀정거장 WJSN]

A native of China, perhaps Xiao feels a kinship with Chun-Li? Or maybe she just digs the character's hairdo.

[Image via TheQoo]

Or maybe it's a shared love of aerial flips?

[GIF via mlbpark]

[GIF via ilbe]

[GIF via ilbe]

[GIF via kihqun]

[GIF via clien]

[GIF via TheQoo]

Guess this is why she's been called "the real-life Chun-Li."


    so i've watched about hr worth of performances for err study purposes

    i think she just really likes to flip (that sound very odd)... like i don't think there's a live performance where she doesn't flip

    On a note of pedantry, doesn't "X's answer to" mean that it's an alternative that's just as good as, not that you're copying it directly?

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