Metro Developer A4 Games Hints At Sci-Fi VR Game

Image: A4 Games

Last year it appeared A4 Games had been working on a "space" game, however, last we heard it had been "suspended". That's clearly not the case any more, with the Metro: 2033 studio revealing a number of images that strongly suggest it's hammering away at a sci-fi virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift.

Rather than release an actual screenshot, A4 has instead gone for the cropped reveal with the following two shots.

Image: A4 Games
Image: A4 Games

They look like a shoulder (or maybe a hand) and a hand holding a gun, respectively. But, other than that, they don't really say much.

However, an interactive 360-degree photo on the company's Facebook page is packed with information.

Image: Supplied

Rift kits are clearly visible, along with someone actually using one in the background. You put two and two together and you get wototw the picture.

As for the the game itself, who knows? A4 looks like it's slowly opening the faucet on news, so I'm sure we'll know a lot more in the next few weeks.

A4 Games [Facebook, via VG24/7]


    I dunno. Building a AAA VR game seems like a silly move.

      Wha? That is exactly what is missing from VR.

      I think NOT building AAA titles for VR is a silly move, it would seal VR as a fad and never amount to anything substantial.

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