Minecraft Realms Will Have Cross-Play For All Platforms

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Slowly but surely, we're moving into a true cross-play world.

When cross-play becomes the norm instead of the exception, that will truly be a great day for gaming. And while we're not even close to that yet, Minecraft fans are at least getting a taste of the future.

Earlier this morning ahead of this year's Minecon, Mojang announced that — provided you're playing on the subscriber Realms service — Minecraft would have full cross-play support, between consoles, PC and mobiles, all at once.

The Realms part is the obvious catch. Realms servers support up to 10 players right now, although I wouldn't be surprised if that limit is eventually expanded. If you want to enjoy the true shenanigans of Minecraft, however, you'll probably want to stick to the original.

Update: The Minecraft team has provided Kotaku with an official statement:

We are working toward a future where Minecraft players can play together using the devices they want. As we announced at E3, we are working on bringing cross-device multiplayer to consoles next year in addition to the cross-device multiplayer we have today on mobile, Gear VR and Windows 10. The image tweeted was an error – while we are working on enabling our players to play together on the devices they prefer, we don't have further to share at this time.


    "Slowly but surely, we’re moving into a true cross-play world. "
    not really. the console gamepad vs pc mouse/keyboard alone is enough of a divide when things get competitive

      True enough, but it's mostly a co-operative game.

      And they could always implement online like Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3 did where you could filter games in lobbies by controller method.

    If you want to enjoy the true shenanigans of Minecraft, however, you’ll probably want to stick to the original.
    I don't quite understand this statement - what's the difference?
    Is it just about the 11 player limit or is there something else different about this setup?

      Could be talking about the Java version vs the C++ version? I know Win10 Edition is based on Pocket, which the mobiles use. And they're not cross-compatible with the original Java version, and don't have feature parity. Not sure how Realms fits into it and whether the original has those or not.

        Thus my confusion - I thought the whole point of the article was that there's now full cross-platform compatibility.

          Hmm yeah I see what you mean now, it doesn't really explain it very clearly at all. I guess it'd still be strictly true in that the two versions are considered different games, so you can play the one game on any platform it's available on. If that is indeed the case.

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